• A loud beeping shattered the world of the Fey, the landscape breaking like a windowpane hit by an invisible baseball. The shards fly around me at me through me. They are brilliant colors, that blind me, burning my eyes, and I raise my hands to protect my face. A sharp diamond shaped piece slashes my hand and I bite back a scream as warm blood trickles down my palm and runs along my arm creating a red spiral around my arm and then goes on to stain my shirt. I crouch down on the non-existent ground so that I am smaller, less a target. Because I know very well that every wound inflicted here in the realm of the Fey is painfully real. Another glass needle pierced my skin sliding cleanly across my side. I bit my arm so that a trickle of blood flowed from two puncture points and screamed and screamed.
    But it wasn’t that bad, I had to deal with this every time I woke up and so I barely slept, but tonight I had fallen prey to my own bodily needs. I knew from experience that at the least this lasted twenty minutes and the longest so far was two hours. But it had only been five short minutes when the feel of glass being thrown at me stopped.
    I carefully raised my head to find the shards falling to the ground around me, some landing in the puddle of blood I now sat in, but none touched me. This was an interesting development and I knew that being saved from this torture was in the power of only a faerie, and that by saving me They would want something in return. If I refused Them, well I didn’t even want to think about my punishment. I would have to decide which to chose when I heard Their demands.
    As expected of a faerie my savior made me wait there on the blood stained floor that no longer was fields of soft grass but now cold hard nothing. When the mist began to gather I knew he/she was coming. They loved dramatic entrances like this. They couldn’t resist the chance to make you scared and intimidated. But I had seen this one to many times, and it no longer frightened me. All I felt was a dull irritation at the fact that they were taking so long. It bothered me having to wait for my verdict having to sit there while I waited for some disgusting beast.
    It was during the peak of my angst when a shadowy figure loomed out of the fog. I was so frustrated that I actually challenged him, which probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do.
    “Finally! I was getting old here! Oh yea, I forgot, you cant get old in the wonderful world of the bloody freaking FEY!!!!”
    for a few long moments my words echoed around us, soon fading into nothing, which brought on a pressing sense of nothing. I squeezed my eyes shut preparing for the fatal blow, any time now I would feel a sharp pain and-
    “HAHAHAHA!” laughter filled the silence, but not twisted laughter that was high and shrill or low and demonic. It was the kind of ringing laugh that made you relax and want to laugh along.
    Which is why I instantly tensed and my mouth pulled down into a frown. Because if there was one thing I had learned in my 10 years of the Call of the Fey it was that if anything in that world made you happy and comfortable it was bad, really bad. I reached out, my fingers searching around the now cool puddle of blood and found a piece of glass. I picked it up, holding it tight in my hands even though it gorged deep into my palm and fingers. The blood trickled down my wrist and I gritted my teeth against the pain.
    A shadowy figure loomed out of the mist slowly walking towards me. I struggled to stand stumbling forward in an effort to show whoever the faerie was that I was anything but weak and wouldn’t give in easily to Their tricks and games. I wondered if it was one of the nobles I had seen in that little black circle. Or even worse… just as I feared the faerie I was now indebted to was the one who had pulled me to the eye the strong faerie that had stood there in human attire. Today though he wore clothes of the Fey luxurious cloth of the finest type. Satin, cashmere, and silk in deep rich colors, browns, greens, and blues. They called themselves the ones closest to the earth but They were freaks of nature all of Them! He had a cape slung over his shoulder that seemed to be made of threads coated in gold. Fey were such vain greedy creatures I wouldn’t be surprised if it was pure gold. Such bright gold against such beautiful colors disgusted me almost as if this simple outfit represented how They ruined our earth tainting it with their disgusting presence. That cape to me represented the poison They leaked into our soil with Their celestial Magiks.
    My lips curled back in a silent snarl as he meandered toward me, his leisurely pace simply stating he had all the time in the world and could just stand there looking at me forever. I tightened my hand around the shard of glass, so tight it cut straight to the bone and stumbled forward a few paces. I wanted to hurry up and get this over with. Not only was I incredibly inpatient but I for one didn’t have all the time in the world. I always set my alarm early because I knew the destruction of the Fey world took so long. I always set it 2 hours in advance of when I would have to be up and moving. Because though my parents knew somewhat of my curse most of what they knew were only shallow truths and half lies.
    When at the age of five I had begun to see things that weren’t there, chase after imaginary butterflies, and constantly drift off to a place from where I struggled to return my parents had rushed me to the doctor. Of course I hadn’t wanted to have anyone find out. Even though I was only five being in the world of the Fey had caused me to mature quickly and the Fey had made it clear that others were not to find out about them and were I to tell I would be in a lot of trouble. Disobeying the Fey had catastrophic results. Most people only had human rules to follow but I had to follow those rules and the rules of the Fey. With one foot in the world of the Fey and one foot in the world of the humans. It’s a hard life and that day I learned how hard it was to keep a secret and tell a believable lie. When questioned I’d told them I saw things when I closed my eyes. But when asked what it was I lied, telling them I saw shapes that moved and changed their form and color. It wasn’t that they believed me because they most certainly didn’t. But so far they had not been able to find evidence, and if they walked in and found me unconscious and bleeding they would push harder to find out the what was truly going on. I raised my hand pointing my weapon at him, a warning.
    “Okay I don’t have forever so hurry up and lets get this over with.” I growled this at him spiting each word out to emphasize my point. He simply smirked rocking back on his heels.
    “Well, well looks like we have a feisty one. But I knew that already you see I’ve been watching you, most give in after a few years either by telling someone or losing themselves. But you’ve proven an amazing sense of survival perhaps because you have been living with it so long.”
    I cocked my head confused, didn’t they all started young?
    “What do you mean?” I asked him. He bit back a full-blown grin and began to fade into the mist.
    “All will be explained soon very, very soon because my wait is finally over.” The last part to disappear was that wide grin reminding me of the Cheshire cat from Alice In Wonderland. And with him the land began to fade as well no longer shattering but instead slowly disappearing into a gentle blackness.