• Mallory woke to blackness. If she could have put her hand in front of her face, she wouldn't have been able to see it, even with her excellent night vision. But her hands were bound, and Mal was stting on the hard floor. The worst part?
    She was completely alone.
    Or... was she?
    "Tony!" The thirteen year old girl cried in desperation. "Tony are you here?"
    "Mallory, is that you?" The voice of a sixteen year old boy sliced through the darkness. "Are you okay?"
    Mallory nodded, forgetting for a split second that Tony couldn't see her.
    "Yeah," She called to her brother.
    "Would you two be quiet?" A gruff male voice echoed in the dark. "And would someone turn on the goddamn light in here?" Two seconds later, a dim light flickered on. A man stood at the wall opposite of Mallory and Tony, who were surprised at how close they were. The siblings could see each other tied up. TOny's brown hair was messed up and in the way of his honey colored eyes. Mallory twitched her black cat ears against her own brown, short-cut hair, which was, Mallory thought in triumph, away from her own chocolate eyes.
    The two turned to look at the man, taking in his tall, bulky figure. His eyes were hazel-colored pits of hateful fire. Mallory, ever the brave (pr, you know, common senseless) one, finally spoke up.
    "Why are we here?" She demanded.
    "Mal..." Tony warned his sister, who ignored him.
    The man glared at the cat girl, obviously not about to answer.
    "I need the KO liquid," He mumbled into a two way radio.
    "What did he say?" Mal whispered to her brother, who shrugged.
    Three minutes and a few exchanged glares later, a man dressed in a white lab coat came in, carrying a glass of what looked like reglar water.
    "Drink this." He ordered Mallory, thrusting the glass at her. Mal knew it looked suspicious. But she hadn't had a thing to drink all day, and they wouldn't catch her just to kill her, right? So she took the glass and drank.
    Mallory woke up from her deep dreamless sleep with a massive headache. She blinked wearily, slowly sitting up.
    "ow!" She cried when she hit her head on the top of the cage.
    "Oh no," Mallory groaned. "Tony? Where are you??" THis time, her brother didn't answer her. Tears started to stream from Mallory's eyes. This time, she really /was/ alone.