• HEY!!!!! Read the Descripion first!!!

    To: The Entire Human Race
    From: Nicole Krosse

    First off, sorry to use the virus e-mail, but this is the only way the world will know the truth of whats happening up here.
    Anyways, the year is 2031, and don't you dare say otherwise. I've been living where I can see the sun, where I can count the days. You guys, not so much. After the majority of the people left to live underground to escape, you lost the way to count time. I bet you've tried to forget what has happened, what is still happening....
    The Zombies.
    One bite, that's all it takes to change into one. But is there a way back? Only 5% of the population remained above ground while you fled, but now I fear that even 1% doesn't even remain. But I believe some can be changed back.
    How? I don't know. But then you must think i'm crazy. How can I believe it? Because I was one. One of them. One of the Undead. But I'm not anymore, and I'm determined to find out why. And my story will be known....