• one-thousand things run through your mind during that last play.
    the one run that will determin the game.

    that deep terrible feeling that if you screw up,
    you lose for the whole team.

    the throw couldn't have gone better.
    possible the best throw that, the little weakling could ever throw.

    then it was all on me,i quickly rushed past the eighty yard line.
    the sound of the crowd roaring in my ears as i blared past the ninty was almost unbearable.somehoe the crowed managed to get even louder as i caught the ball.

    i felt...on top of the world like i couldn't lose.

    he dropped the ball....the roaring of the crowd dimmed down.
    it was sillent,they just glared angrily.
    aside from the other stand,happy they won.

    I walked down from the bleachers and headed towards the players.
    as the water girl it was my "job"

    "stupid father,making me water girl"

    i mumbled to myself.

    after the pick on me session in the locker room,
    i had to stand and listen to coach yell at me.

    i felt...like i let everyone down.
    i let the school down,
    and even the town down.
    it was all my fault.

    "don't listen to them,it could have happened to anybody"

    he turned and looked at me,
    he looked...hurt.

    "yeah right,happen to anybody?" I thought to myself.
    as i walked over to my locker.
    when i opened it i noticed a pistol.
    a note attached to it,it read.

    "do us all a favor."

    i removed my helmet,cocked the pistol and.....


    what was he doing?!it was just a game!
    what could possible make him want to die?!
    "what are you doing?"

    "i lost....it was my fault"

    i was surprised to see tears in his eyes,
    what was he trying to live up to?
    "you don't have to live up to their expectations."


    "why?!why do i care what he did with his life?!
    he chose to kill himself,but WHY?WHY DO I CARE SO MUCH?!!!"