• Ashley was the most popular girl in her high school.She had looks,talent,the hottest boyfriend ever, and she was the captain of the cheer leaders.Her parents were away for the week and it was Halloween.She decided to throw a costume party at her mansion.She invited everyone in eleventh and twelfth grade.Her and her friends had to go to the store to get food and costumes for the party of the year.Ashley decided to dress as a devil,her friend Jamie chose to be a witch,and her boyfriend Ben chose to be a zombie.Once they figured out what they were being for the costume party they decorated the house.The house was very scary when they finished decorating.
    Once the party started everyone was having a blast.That's when the power went out.Ashley lit some candles when she saw him.He was in her kitchen he was wanted for murder.She slowly walked to the phone and called the police.She ran to the room where the party was being held and told them all to leave.Her two friends and her boyfriend stayed.Ashley told them about the man in the house.They decided to look around for him.They all had some sort of weapon and split up.Ashley and Ben looked up stairs and Jamie and Pam looked down stairs.Ashley heard Pam, scream and ran downstairs leaving Ben alone.When she reached Pam, Pam said"Jamie is gone,she got pulled into the basement."Ashley said"OK"and walked into the basement only to find the basement empty and the window open.She ran up the stairs realizing Pam was gone.She didn't even look for her she knew what happened to her.When she reached Ben he was sitting on her bed.She told him what happened and they ran to her parents room.Ben was standing by the closet when he got pulled in.Ashley ran only to be thrown down the stairs by the man.She got up and limped to the outside gate.That's where the cops found her unconscious.When she awoke she told them the story,the cops didn't believe her they thought she was lying.The cops never founds the man or the bodies.Ashley ended up goth from shock.