• "I laid on the floor hoping things can change. Sore from all the trash talk, and the violence. Why cant everything be normal. Normal as in I had friends,beauty,rich, even a boyfriend. I was always left out last. My teacher saw me as a lonely, quiet girl. She knew what was going on. She acted like she didn't. I can tell by the look in her eyes. Her eyes were big, and you can see that she worried, and she wished the best for me, or at least for things to get better. But there was also this boy named Br- "
    I closed my diary as soon as possible.
    "Lilly go to bed." Papa said.
    " OK papa" I stuttered.
    I was just glad he wasn't drunk ! I'm glad he cant stand on his two feet without dropping a beer when he is drunk. I'll tell you this never bother him when hes drunk. He has his moments.
    Tomorrow is another day of school. Another day, of the of the previous day.
    I walked into the school, looking down at the floor, and someone stepped on my foot. I looked up and saw it was Brice.
    Be fore he realized it was me he said " Oh sorry," then he raised his head and giggled.
    I went to my locker, and slammed it as hard as I could, from the pain that hit me. I was on my way to math class, but Rachael and her so called best friend, Priscilla came towards me and pushed my books and me! I had a feeling inside. It was from hate. I picked up my books, and I ran to math class, before a girl stopped me, " Rachel just leave me alone," I said. But it wasn't Rachael.
    " Hi I'm Melissa, the new girl. I just came to say are you OK?"
    I was kinda stumped. A person talked to me without laughing, cussing, violence, she was actually sweet, and pretty. She was a dirty blonde, without a perfect body.
    " Hi, I'm Lilly. Thanks I'm fine I have to go to math class see ya later."
    I ran to math class without being stopped. I smiled and I thought this might be a beginning.
    Just till later on at lunch, I stopped and said "Hey Melissa."
    " Who the fu*k are you? I never met you. Get away from me skank."
    " Wait what? We met earlier. Right after the mean girls pushed me."
    She walked away. I understood she went right to Rachael and Priscilla and started laughing a lot.
    Just then I got really mad. So mad I threw my lunch on the table and ran out the school doors. I never thought I'd say this but I ran away. I ran as fast as I can the wind hit me and I did not pay attention to the coldness. I was just trying to get as far away as I can from everyone. I went to a tree sat down, put my knees up. And started sobbing. The guards of my school had ran out looking for me. Rachael messed up my chance of a new friendship.
    I kept crying. And sat there. I stood there the whole day. And slept there too. No one found me. And it stood that way. I starved. Then there was one last day. My body was there. But not my soul.