• his mouth trickled a line of scarlet red blood. Damon moved his hands to his mouth, he wiped his mouth and the blood kept coming. I sighed, “Look what happens when you’re a jerk? Come on follow me.”

    I forgot that when you’re immortal you heal quick. I turned around and looked, his mouth was still bleeding. My eye brows furrowed, “You are immortal right?”
    He turned his head ever so slightly and nodded. I continued into the house. Instead of getting a cloth for him to dab his mouth I went to the phone, “Sit.” He listened and sat down. I picked up the phone and dialed my father’s cell phone number and put it on speaker.

    She punched me and the blood came, I figured it would stop but it hadn’t. I followed her into the house and sat down. She dialed a number and put it on speaker. I heard a ring and I watched her walk around the room looking for something. She found a white cloth and walked over to me, “Sorry, here. It should have stopped by now.”
    “Its okay. But I’m-” She fingered me when a husky voice answered. It was her father, “Hello?”
    “Hi dad, I have a question about…immortality.”
    “Hey kid, shoot.”
    “Well I punched Damon-”
    “Why?” His voice sounded concerned and she smiled at me.
    “He concerned me. Anyway his mouth is still bleeding. But it shouldn’t.” Her eyes looked concerned, I have to admit it made me a little pleased that she was concerned about me.
    “Wait, you’ve been in France, your brother told me. Anyway are you able to keep bleeding or does it stop?”
    “Um hold on.” She flustered around the room and found a knife. I stood up to take it from her I was not about to watch her cut herself. She glared at me and then sweetly smiled that got me every time. I worriedly sat down. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes and made a cut. It was deep enough to be able to keep bleeding but it healed up after she wiped it. “Huh, it didn’t keep bleeding.”
    Emma walked in smiling to herself humming. She waved, I waved back and so did Jayne. Emma opened the refrigerator.
    “Has Emma been using my notes?” Emma froze and looked at me. Her eyes were wide with worry. She started to back out, “EMMA! What have you done?”
    She shook a little, “I-I-I used the spray labeled ‘déclencher’”
    “Emma, that’s a French word for set off, its for deactivating immorality.”
    “I sprayed that on me thinking it was some expensive perfume or clone.”
    There was gun shot and Jayne’s father quickly spoke, “I’ve got to go, I don’t know if I can do anything.”
    I thumped my head on the counter and reached over to the phone and turned it off. I pulled myself up onto the counter, “Wow, I just realized something.” Emma and Damon looked at me, “My life is a dramatic movie, a opera without the yelling.” I shook my head and hoped down. I walked past Damon who looked at me. He reached for me and I smiled, Emma started to speak, “I’m sor-” I held my hand up and shook my head, “Don’t worry about it.” I sighed and walked up stairs.

    I felt like my life was a dramatic movie that everyone was watching. I hated how this happened to me, I wanted my life to be normal. I closed my bedroom door and sat on my bed. I buried my face into my white feather pillow. I hiccupped a cry. I had cried to much in the past two months or so. I heard someone faintly knock on my door.