• -sigh-"o.k now...how in all ends are we to get back to town!" Azoless yelled, angrily evil

    "look we'll figure something out,..i could try and make a raft or something out of the water,..if i can actually weave it into something with my fist...-sigh...tsk-" dash said disappointed.

    "hmm...hey...dash your name was..? can you explain to me whats with the gigantic flying tortoise?" Azoless said astonished of the floater turtle above him.

    "WHY...WHY THATS A FLOATER TURTLE! AND IF THERES ONE THERE HAS TO BE MORE!, even bigger ones,..they usually fly in flocks, so we should be able to ride one back home..!" Dash said looking out for more floater tortoises.

    "hell or we could just use big ol' gramps over here mate, heh! his names dusty from now forth!" Azoless said sitting on the shell of a gargantuan, gramps of all their species..

    "in retrospect could you tell me if you see one next time, azoless...hmm, sure is big that one is...can he still fly though?" Dash asked.

    "i guess so, i mean his wings are big, 'bout as big as that hole i made, well about as long." Azoless said matter a factly.

    "alright im getting on,..this...big...turtle,..god lord deimoz does make the strangest things eh'? Dash said,..and asked.

    "Yeah im not from here,..whoever lord damascus is or whatever, you can explain to me on the trip back." Azoless said

    {hours later, the two find themselves in some other city}

    "... im not from there,..but i know where we are...better watch your back,..mate." Azoless said,..rather, seemingly scared.

    "Why? is there something wrong? did something happen here?" dash asked.

    "NO BUT DUCK!" azoless said looking at an eight pointed shuriken racing towards dash.

    "Fwa!-" dash yelled, as he went into a sort of 90 degree angle, avoiding the shuriken,..then falling over witha confused look on his face.

    "we!..Are in...KILLVILLE!.. worst city ever!, i grew up here, man this place probably should of fallen when someone nuked this place trying to kill someone, but no it didn't" azoless explained.

    "-pant...pant- ok how far are we from somewhere safe?! dammit!" dash asked, with that big ol' dumb guy expression on his face eek

    "well if,..dammit what was that bloody cats name...dess? no i killed him a week ago...ah yes, if auruna is still living here,..she should help...i hope * and i really hope she doesnt want to kill me anymore*" azoless said.

    "GIMME YOUR WALLET!" some mugger said.

    "ill handle this...WHAT AM I! ALEX TREBEK!? YOU GIVE ME YOUR WALLET! Oh great to see you again lenny." Azoless yelled at lenny while kicking him in the gut, then giving him an uppercut.

    "dammit find this aururu person or whatever and get us outta here!! this place smells foul!" dash complained.

    *click click*

    "i believe she found us...and we should be in trouble" Azoless said,..remembering nostalgia of something in his past...

    "my my, little azoless, hell i should kill you, but since i know you, ILL DO IT ANYWAY!" Auruna said, angrily.

    "JUMP, NOW!" Azoless said.

    *CRACK!, aurunas gun shot*

    till next time