• Knock knock. Someone's at the door! I rush downstairs to answer it, abandoning my pencil and papers. I ran quietly though, since Father was asleep. I didn't want to wake him.
    "Hi Link!" I said as I opened the door, stepped out, and shut it quietly behind me. "What do you need?"
    "I was just coming to say good morning before I went to herd the goats," Link said. "You can come if you want."
    "I would like that, Link. Let me go leave a note for Father." I dashed back inside, and saw that Father was up now, and he was fixing breakfast. He smiled brightly whenever he saw me. I loved that smile. Even though Father was the mayor, he sure didn't smile like one.
    "Father, I am going to the ranch with Link."
    "Alright. Be back soon, okay?"
    I went back outside, and told Link the news. He smiled, and went to mount Epona. I stopped him though.
    "Link, I forgot. I have to run and help Sera with restocking. Her husband really isn't helping. He's more concerned about the cat getting out again. He hates Sera when she's mad." I hung my head.
    "Oh, that's alright Ilia," Link said, gazing at me. "I'm sure you can come another time." With that he sort of smiled, and rode off in the early morning sun. I watched him until he was nothing but a blond speck riding on a tiny red and white horse. I then turned on my heel, and went to Sera's general store.
    "Hi Ilia!" Sera greeted me warmly.
    "Hi Sera," I said, halfheartedly smiling. "What do you need help restocking?"
    "Goat milk, lantern oil, and I think that's it!" Goat milk! That meant I got to go up to the ranch! Happy days! I hated getting lantern oil though. Maybe Link could come? I'd take Beth along though. She loves coming with Link and I.
    "I'll be back soon then, Sera!" I said warmly, and walked out of the store. I had a bounce in my step as I went up to the ranch, and was welcomed with a sight of Link riding around, coaxing goats back into the barn. Fado couldn't have had a bigger grin on his face as I walked up to him.
    "Fado, Sera needs some goat milk," I said as Link rode over.
    "Goat milk?" he said as he dismounted. "I know where that is. Lemme go get you some." He led the way to the barn, and rustled around in a cupboard. Link moved bags of fodder, various bottles and buckets, and some rope until he found the bottles of milk.
    He handed me some bottles and smiled. "Here. Tell Sera that whenever she runs out again, just send for me. I'll get her more faster than a mad goat."
    "Alright." I said. "Hey, could you maybe come with me to get some lantern oil?"
    "Sorry. I still gotta feed the goats."
    "Okay. . ." I went down the hill leading to the village and back to Sera's quietly. I gave her the milk and then went to the Faron Woods. When Coro saw me, he grinned and said, "Hey girl! You back for oil?"
    "Okay, girl. Here ya go."