• It was Cristmas eve and there was snow on the ground. I was walking down the street with my you when she suddenly asked me a question.
    "What would you do if I died?" you asked.
    "I would probibly love you more then ever" I replyed.
    "Aww thank you" you said and held onto my arm as we walked.
    We passed stores and houses. At one store there was a jewlery display in the window. you pressed her self against the glass like alittle kidd would do if it was full of candy. you were eyeing a very particular necklace. It was gold with diamons in a shape of a heart. Soon you sadly relized it was sold out and sighed. you then pryed herself off the window and we continued to walk. After awhile I started to think about what you said.
    "Hey why did you ask me that question earlyer?" I asked.
    "Which one?" you replyed.
    "The one about you dieing?" I said to her.
    "I dont know?" you said and we continued to walk.
    I remember a week ago you told me you had a dream. The dream was about you at a funeral. Everyone there looked familiar to you. They continued to mentioned the name of the person who died but you couldnt hear it. There lips were moving but it was like you were deaf. You ran around trying to find out who the name was but no matter how much you ran around and asked people. No one seemed to know you were there. You said you couldnt find me.
    "Well Its getting dark I better take you home" I said and started to walk in the direction of her house. On our way we passed a grup of men that eyed you. I had a bad feeling. After awhile of walking the men started following them. I noticed but you seemed not to. I kept walking trying not to get you scared.
    "Hey I know a short cut lets go this way." I said and took a turn in an alley way. The men still followed.
    "Why are we doing this? Cant we just go the normal way?" you asked worried.
    "Well This way will be quicker but how about a piggyback ride?" I asked.
    "Yay!" You said and jumped on My back. Once you were on I fasended my grip on you and picked u my pace. Hoping to lose the men. But it was a hopless attemp. We soon met a dead end. I knew they were around a croner and couldnt see us so i lifted you up to the ladderabove us.
    "Climb up here and Duck so no one can see you. Were not supose to be up here. please be quiet and dont move an inch untill I tell you." I said in a calm tone. You did what I said but in the proces broke the ladder. I relized the ladder was rusty and old. It was to high for me to jump and grab. Right then the men came around the corner. There were 3 of them. There was one with a gun who seemed to be the leader.
    "Weres the girl?" He asked.
    "I have no clue what your talking about" I said casually and shrugged.
    "Cmon we all saw you come here with a girl" He said as he took a step forward. The man slowly took the gun out from his side and pointed it me.
    "Weres the girl?" He asked with an edge in his tone. I knew what was gonna happened but as long as you stayed quiet I will be happy.
    "I wont let you have her" I said with anger.
    "Tell me or I will shoot you" He said.
    "I will never tell you. or let you touch her." I said as the trigger was pulled. I bullet peirces my head.

    You heard the gun shock and nothing else everything was silent as the men took off. You started to climb down the ladder and jumped the rest. You were in udder shock as you looked at my body. Your face was pale and you clutched you hand over your mouth. Soon tears start to rolling down your face. you run towards me. You fall down to your knees as tears flood you face and eyes.
    You lean over putting your ear to my chest. Trying desperately to hear the my heartbea. You hear fading into nothing and you cry even harder. As you rest your head on my limp body I wisper one last thing. "Left....pocket..." I gasped. You quickly reach into my left pocket and pull out a small box. You open it to see the necklace from earlyer and a small note that said "Merry Christmas. You will always be in my heart no matter how far apart we are." You gave me a smile as I returned it. You feel my body get limp. There was sirens in the background but you didnt seem to notice you just continue to hold me as die.