• -Chapter 4-

    It felt like I had just blinked my eyes, but when I opened them, I was laying on someones chest. The person stroked my hair absentmindedly, I could tell. I looked up to see who I was laying on. Eric was looking out the window, his face a little flushed, his hand stroking my hair. I snuggled into him more and sighed.
    He jumped and got stiff, then he relaxed and wrapped his arms tighter around me. The lights of the street light passed over me, making it go "dark, light, dark light".
    Van was driving, he looked tired and restless. I leaned up a little bit and looked at the scenery outside the car.
    "Where are we going?" I asked, noticing that we were on a freeway.
    "Good morning, sunshine!" Van said in a happy-go-lucky voice.
    "Again, I ask, where are we going?" I asked sitting up.
    "Camping." Eric smiled.
    "Camping?!" I said in surprise.
    "Ya, we thought it was better than staying at my house." Van said.
    "Or mine." Eric added.
    "Oh, well where are we camping?"
    "At Grace Veld." Van said as he took an exit off the freeway.
    "Why there?" I asked.
    "It was the first place that we saw on a billboard." Eric chuckled.
    We all had a laughing moment.
    I laid across Erics lap and stretched.
    "Comfortable?" Eric asked.
    "Mhm." I smiled.
    The small smile that was on Erics face vanished. He whispered:
    "Im sorry."
    I whispered back:
    "About what?"
    "That I wasnt there sooner."
    His eyes trailed from my face down to my un-clothed legs. I blushed and hugged him.
    "Its not your fault. You didnt know." I whispered.
    "But, I want to be there to save you. I want to be your price charming."
    My face flushed bright red as I looked up at him in complete confusion. He leaned down and pressed him soft warm lips against mine. My eyes got wide and, oddly, I kissed back. He leaned back and looked at me.
    "Let me be your everything." He whispered.

    My eyes widened and I was at a loss for words.
    He-He...Kissed me. Eric...Kissed me. I thought to myself.
    My fingers found my way up to my lips as I started blankly at Eric.
    "I-I can't" I whispered to Eric.
    "Can't what?" Eric asked.
    "I can't love you."
    "I-I just cant!" I said as I got up and climbed over to the passengers seat.
    I curled up in a ball, and snuggled into the corner of the seat. I felt something cold against my hand. My finger wrapped around it and I could tell it was the odd necklace I had stolen.
    Why does this all happen to me? I asked myself.
    I looked up out the window. I saw the sign that read "EXIT: GRACE VELD." I sighed and relaxed. I felt Vans hand rub the side of my leg in comfort.
    I smiled. Hes so sweet.
    I felt the car stop.
    "Here we are!" Van said merrily.
    I heard his car door open and close. He rounded the car to my door. He opened it and smiled.
    "Either you get out or I make you."
    "Ill just get out." I said standing up.
    Eric got out of the car and went over to sit on a picnic table. I watched him, feeling horrible that I had hurt him this much.
    Van had gotten loads of blankets from the back of his car.
    "You coming?" He asked.
    "Um. Yeah." I said, shaking my head.
    As I hopped out of the car I felt a breeze blow on my legs. I looked down to see I still had no pants on. My face turned bright red.
    Van looked over and started to laugh hysterically.
    He threw me and blanket and my tu-tu. I slid my legs into the tu-tu and covered myself with the thick soft blanket.
    I sat down next to Eric on the table. Eric acted like i wasnt even there. I sighed and just looked in the opposite direction. Van laid out a bunch of blankets of the grass for us to lay on. Me and Eric got up and sat down on the make-shift bed.
    "Thanks Van." I said with a smile.
    "No probs." He replied.
    Van set down a black duffel bag next to him as he laid down.
    "Hey where are the bathrooms? I have to go pee." I said wiggling my legs back and forth.
    "There are non." Eric said, still not looking at me.
    Van threw me a roll of toilet paper. I looked at him strangely.
    "Hope you like squatting." Van smiled.
    I looked over at the forest line then back at Van and Eric i disbelief.
    They both nodded and smiled.
    "You guys suck!" I said as I stood up, toilet paper in hand.
    "Have fun storming the castle!" Van yelled after me.
    I rolled my eyes and walked into the forest.
    "Fukkin men. They suck! Why do I even know them?!" I mumbled to myself.
    I looked back to see if I was out of eyesight. I turned back around to walk face first into something hard yet soft. I looked up to see a dark outline of a face.
    I began to scream but a hand covered my mouth.
    "Shhh." A familiar, lustful voice said.
    I nodded. A few leaves shifted and let light shine over his face. It was the mysterious guy from Dans house.
    "What are you doing here?" I asked.
    "You have something of mine." He said.
    I looked down at the necklace that hug around my neck.
    He looked over at my hand.
    "Whats that?" He said eying the toilet paper.
    "Oh, uh. I had to go pee." I said launching the roll.
    "Id like the necklace back."
    "Why not?"
    "How do I know its yours?"
    "Give it."
    He sighed.
    "I dont even know your name!" I said matter-of-factly.
    "My name? My name is Rayne."
    "Isnt that a girls name?"
    "My parents wanted a girl."
    "Oh." I said looking away.

    Ill write more later people okies??