• Oh my god… he is looking at me! What do I do? Oh god… there gotta be something on my face.

    Yuro thought as he glanced over at the male sitting in the back row. He could feel the male’s stare from behind and felt as though he was going to throw up. His heart was racing but he didn’t know why. After a few minutes he glanced back again seeing that the male was now looking out of the window. A small sigh of relive escaped yuro’s lips. He then took his pencil and began to write down the notes on the board. After he finished a page of notes the large old woman who he was forced to call his teacher stood in front of the board and clapped her hands while trying to catch the classes attention.
    “ We are now working on a new project. Find three partners then ill explain”

    She called out as the students looked forward while listening to her speak. A few chatters could be heard while she was speaking but yuro didn’t seem to notice. He then jumped a bit after the male from before jumped unto the top of his desk and sat down. Yuro was flushed, his cheeks grew red as she looked at the male with a confused expression upon his face.

    “ you, me partners…no questions asked”

    The male muttered as he looked off to the side. Yuro fell silent not wanting to anger the male. It was obvious that the male was taller then him and looked way more mature. Yuro felt a bit intimidated by this. After a few moments they were joined by yuro’s best friend, Camilla. She then smiled at the male whom in which was sitting on yuro’s desk. After doing so she began to have a conversation with yuro, asking him about his step dad. The male also known as hiroshi was busy looking around the classroom to even pay attention to the conversation.

    “ hey… you! Person. Who are you?”

    Camilla asked as she looked over at hiroshi while raising an eyebrow. Yuro then lightly nudged her while blushing lightly. Hiroshi looked over at the girl with an emotionless face without saying a word. Camilla quickly looked away while taking a small step back. Hiroshi then glanced over at yuro, quickly yuro also looked away without saying anything.

    “ ill do research and take notes… you two get the posters and start gluing pictures unto the poster paper”

    Camilla managed to mutter before taking off towards the classroom computers. Yuro then quickly got off of his seat and followed her. Hiroshi then did the same not really sure of what he was actually doing. Camilla sat down at the last computer. In total there were five in the classroom all lining up in a row. Yuro sat on the one beside her while hiroshi sat beside yuro. Yuro noticed this then began to shift around in his seat nervously. Hiroshi didn’t seem to notice as he began to open a few windows and began his search. Yuro did the same but his internet didn’t seem to be working. He then let out a sigh as he was starting to get out of his seat planning on going on one of the other computers. Before he could do so, hiroshi placed his hand unto his should while gently pushing him back down unto his seat. He then leaned over yuro while trying to fix the problem.

    “ i-I can j-just use another….”

    Yuro quietly stammered then hiroshi opened up yuro’s windows again while smiling seeing that he had fixed the internet. Yuro bowed his head slightly as a thank you. Hiroshi then gently patted the top of his head before sitting back down in his seat and continued to work on his search. Yuro looked at hiroshi from the corner of his eye. Hiroshi noticed then turned his head slightly while giving yuro a small wink. Yuro quickly looked back at the screen while blushing nervously. He began to type faster then usual. Hirsho let out a small chuckle as he watched yuro type.