• the day i was born my parents were scared of wut i was when i finally seen my new home i was kinda scared of wut i seen so where my parents there house was destroyed from top to bottem nothing they have ever seen in there lives was just standing there looking at my parents or wut i thought were my parents the people or should i say demon that where the ones who destroyed the house where my real parents when i crawled up to them and called there names they cryed for when i do that befor i am of 2 months old they will burn to a crisp and as i watch them burn i cry and 2 months later i was able to walk talk and i even learned how to walk up walls and by then i had forgotten the day i killed my parents 2 months ago my human parents were now happy and not sared of me for when my parents went to bed 2 months ago my real parents had left a note for my human parnets to read but they could not read it when they showed it to me i read it for them

    and later that day they knew wut my real parents meant in the letter but its been two months now and my human parents ar very proud of me ^^ but they still have to feed me and the only time they get scared is at some nights when i have a night mare and almost burn the house down but they told me there getting used to it and that when im a year old im going to school and i got happy i wont know why but i did
    im a year old now im going to school for the first time its my b-day and im getting a little sad because ppl have been makeing fun of me at the park so im hopeing they dont at school im going to the first grade after school i come home crying because these three ppl where makeng fun of me for looking like a demon an my parents where not surprized and i got kinda mad at them but i wasnt after they made me my favorite food^^ its been 2 years now and im kinda happy that im in the 3rd grade im at a new school and ppl arnt makeing fun of me because i learned how to take form of a human but i am kinda scared its my first day here at the 3rd grade but i hope i make a new friend