• The Outcast

    Normally, things happen for a reason, right? Well, you can say that. Here I am sitting in this dimly lit room, praying for a way out. I was an outcast, shunned from the world of pop. I guess I wasn't your average girl, or maybe I was someone with unusual powers! But who cares! "Natalie Goldman, please step forward!" Yup, that's me Natalie Goldman, one of most adorable girls in the country, shunned by the world of false behaviors. I don't know how these "false reactions" started, but I need to find a way out of them, and this is my ticket! New york city A.K.A. The big apple. don't know why I'm here, but that's the past on my life, now for the future. what I didn't expect was to me "torture" by so many people! I mean, what have I done wrong? I didn't commit any crimes, so why do I deserve this?

    Why do many things happen to an outcast? I mean I couldn't been that "bad" of a person and I sure don't know what to think about myself now, isn't it? Well while standing on the sidewalk waiting for the taxi, some stranger runs up on me and asks me for some money! I was like are you kidding? Can't he just see I just came out from the correction office? I simply told him no! But the worst part happen after that! The stranger became angry and started to throw punches at me! I duck and block them and retaliated as I swung back at him. With several blows to the head, he fell down lying in a puddle of his own blood. Did I kill him? Of course not, since i saw him twitch and move. I fled the scene as if I didn't do or see anything!

    During the long journey towards where I would be staying at, I retrace my steps after following the scene. How could this happen to me? A year ago, i was loved and adored by the fans and now, they all hate me for the wrong reasons! I guess my life gets harder now, don't it?