• Chapter 3 - Surprise

    It’s been a few months since I first met Hiroshi now, he’s settled in, even though it’s not obvious, but I still get the complaints from the other staff, why did mum hire all these people?

    Aya invited me to the shopping center, it’s been a while since she asked, but I don’t blame her, it’s ever since he came into our lives. I tried to go out alone, but the argument came back again “Why can’t I go out? Huh?"
    “You may get hurt.”
    I grind my teeth “Hiroshi, I have been out of this building, on my own, many times. Why can’t I go now?” There was a long pause; it was just me staring at him staring off into space “Those were just lucky chances.” He replied, I sighed, and he can’t seem to get the information into that thick skull of his that I’m not a child. He followed me there anyway, whether I liked it or not.

    We arrived at the shopping center without saying a word, I really didn’t wanted to speak to him for the whole day, “Give him the silent treatment, maybe then he’ll leave me alone“ I thought. He was accepting it all and was silent himself, so I wasn’t winning there.

    Something very strange thing happen, which made me jump out of my skin. When we were walking through the car park, a bird landed on the ground, and no, that was not what made me jump out of my skin, but the bird started looking around very quickly, and suddenly, SPALT, it’s head exploded, and the blood went nearly everywhere.

    I gasped and almost screamed, but Hiroshi covered my mouth before I could, I looked up at him, and he was staring at the dead bird, with big red eyes.
    His face was emotionless, which creep me out even more, was he going to kill me next, or a random person in a car? I almost started to shake. Is he some kind of complete psychopath?

    “Don’t worry, you can stop shaking, I’m not going to kill anyone.” He whispered looking down on me, I felt so small against him. I pulled away from him and ran, I don‘t know where I ran, but it seemed like a small alleyway, but it was close enough to see the little body, he caught up with me and I was near into to tears, “So it was you who did that!?” I pointed at the dead bird from afar “Why!? What the…?” I panted in shock and panic, was the guy who has been taking care of me a murderer?

    “I’m sorry I scared you Mistress.” He bowed to me; I looked at him, shaking. “What are you?” I asked. He looked up “I am Hiroshi Sato, I am an Angel of Death” “So, why are you here?” I looked away, trying to think another reason why he was here. “I’m only here, in your life because I wanted to past the time.”

    I looked back at him that was it? Just to past the time? I couldn’t believe what I just heard; I wasn’t going to die after all! "Oh, I need to tell you that you’re going to die by a Death Angel, Hm, kind of forgot that part there.” He said once I had a smile on my face, I thought to soon.

    “When is it?” I asked, “I don’t know.” he replied. “So, you’re planning to kill me, but you don’t know when?”
    “Who said anything about me killing you?” His face gave a confused look, it was the first from him I can say that.
    “Can I just forget about this now, I need to meet up with my friends.” I walked off on the path, after hearing that I was going to die at a random time and place, I wanted to be careful.

    Why did he tell me now?