• Part Two – Can someone get me a pillow? I’m about to faint.

    After my first intern, all of the others between two and eleven were awful. They were just what I expected. I decided to be nice and tell them I’d consider them, even though I didn’t. It’s about five now and I told my boss that the other intern should be scheduled for tomorrow. He agreed, seeming I was pregnant and didn’t want to stay after work too long before I got all moody and took it out on my intern.

    It was a short drive home, though I didn’t really think about it much. I just drove home and flopped on the couch, turning on the news and falling asleep in a heartbeat.

    Sometime, in the middle of the night, I ran into the bathroom, leaned over the toilet, and was violently sick. Adam walked in after my outburst and held my hair out of face. After I was done, I brushed my teeth and rinsed my mouth with mouthwash twice.

    “Are you okay?” Adam asked me.

    “Yes. I’m just not feeling too hot since the interviews.” I responded.

    I walked into the kitchen and started to cook myself some chocolate chip pancakes. Adam helped; mostly watching me, making sure nothing came up as I cooked. The entire time I cooked, I could feel his eyes on me.

    “So, how was work yesterday?” I asked casually, flipping a pancake onto a plate and starting another.

    “It was okay. I got off a little early and went over to dad’s house. He said he’s gonna come up and visit next week. Mom’s still in the hospital, so he doesn’t wanna leave her.”

    “Mmm….” I said.

    Adam’s mom had to get surgery on her foot last week. She had gotten in a car accident the week before and was due out sometime next week.

    “How did the internship go?”

    “I love my first intern!” I shouted.

    I turned the burner off and walked straight to the table.

    “He’s smart, he listens to me, and he’s engaged!”

    “That’s good. Now I don’t have to kick his butt.”

    “Oh! Don’t do that! It took me forever to find a good one, and this one, so far, cut’s the cake!”

    “So far? I thought you saw them all already.” Confused and frustrated.

    “I had to leave early. I only have so much patience left in me since the baby’s coming and everything. Which reminds me? Emily wants to start planning the room this weekend after I get the ultrasound. So we’re going to have to go up to Desert Valley so we can see Seth. He’s the only doctor I can trust since the others here are super nosey.” I said, on and on.

    “You know, I think the pregnancy is making you more talkative too.” Adam said suddenly.

    “Hey! That is so mean!” I said, smacking him with the back of my paper plate.

    “Ow. That hurt Nomi!” he said, pouting.

    “Ugh! Why do you always do that to me!?”

    “Because you hurt my feewings.” Okay, now he’s acting like a five year old!

    “Too bad!” I growled. Then I instantly felt bad for it and started to cry.

    “Don’t cry Nomi!” Adam said, rushing over to me and wiping my tears away.

    “I’m sorry. I-I don’t know w-why I just cried.” I said, wiping some tears off of my cheeks.

    “It’s okay. I promise.”

    “Alright. I gotta go to work, okay?”

    “Okay. Come straight home after. We can go see Seth tonight.”

    “Okay. I love you.”

    “I love you too.”

    I walked away. In our room, Emily had already laid out my clothes for me. It was a pink blouse and cakey pants. I quickly applied my usual everyday makeup and walked out the door. Adam kissed my cheek swiftly and ran to his car, me trailing after him.

    I walked into the garage to my car, stuck the keys in the ignition, and drove to work. I was early for once, so I knew it was going to be a quick day for me. Where I work, you have specific time to get there by and then you have to work for seven hours. Since I’m co-chairman, I only have to work six hours. But today, my boss is knocking off an extra hour because of the trip I’m making today.

    I walked into my office, taking out my sheet and going to the last name on the list.

    Mr. Dunkin Sutton.

    I sighed and clicked on my phone.

    “You can send in my intern.” I said into the speaker.

    “Alright Mrs. Smith. He will be in shortly.”

    I waited for only a minute before the door opened and I saw the strangest person ever.

    He was dressed crazily. Wearing blue jeans and a short sleeve white shirt with a cuff. He had on a stripped tie that was black and red and a wrist band that said “HIM” on it. He was chewing gum and his hair was a messy red and black color.

    “Hey.” He said his voice husky and sweet.

    “Um…Hi.” I said.

    “You wanna piece of gum?” he asked, sticking it out at me and blowing a bubble.

    “No thank you.”

    “Whatever.” He said shrugging and walking straight to the seat in front of my desk. He sat down and looked at me, waiting.

    “Okay. I’m Mrs. Naomi Smith. I will be interviewing you today….So, tell me about yourself.” I said.

    “My name is Dunkin Sutton. Um…I’m a pretty hard worker and respect what people say about something I’d rather debate about. I don’t like to dress all business like. I like to keep it real, but look more like me than a model or whatever.” He responded.

    “Okay. What would you do if I said ‘Please go get me a coffee, low cream’?”

    “I’d ask you where the machine was and then get to work.” Smiling.

    “Down the hall, to the left.” I smiled.

    He got up and walked away. I smiled. He was really going to go get me a coffee! Seriously. I grabbed the pencil off of my desk and wrote down Dunkin as my assistant. He is the only one who really went to get my coffee. But, he was also the only one who didn’t ask for any money to pay for it.

    Dunkin came back with two cups of coffee.

    “Here you go.” He said, smiling.

    I took the one he gave to me. Perfect.

    “Don’t mind paying me back. It was on me.”

    “Thanks. So, why do you want this job?” I asked, taking a sip.

    “I thought it might be best for me to have a go at this career.” He shrugged.

    “Hmm….Do you have a girlfriend?” I asked.

    “No. I don’t really like to date. You?” his eyebrows rose.

    “No, not a boyfriend. He’s my husband.”

    “That might explain the ring.” He said, looking at my hand.


    “So, why do you like this job?”

    “My mom used to work here. She was just an understudy. Now I’m the co-chairman.”

    “Okay. So, what’s your husband’s name?”


    “Do you have any kids?”

    “Nope. Newly weds. We’ve only been married for a year.”

    “Expecting any?”

    That one stopped me short. “Yes.”

    “Boy or girl?”

    “I don’t know yet. I’m getting the ultrasound this weekend.”

    He was quiet for a moment, and then he was in my face, joy everywhere.

    “You have to let me and my sisters plan your baby shower! I swear, we are super good at it!”

    “Um…” I glanced at the clock.

    “Gotta go! Bye!” I said, running out the door and into my car.

    I drove straight home to pick up Adam and then left to Seth, Adam’s older brother, `s house.

    It turns out that I’m going to have a baby boy and its due in five months. Yay! Baby boy! No! Baby boy names!

    After an entire hour of Adam and me arguing, we decided to name him Aiden. I loved the name; personally, Adam wanted to name him Dalton, or Michael. I said we could name him either Aiden Dalton, or Aiden Michael. So, we chose Aiden Wyatt, after his Grandpa Wyatt Sanders, my dad.

    After a few weeks of planning the baby room, it became completely boyish. I knew it was really mean of me to laugh, but Adam must have hit his head on the walls about a million times. Emily would ask him to hang something on the wall, then he`d turn and hit his head on either the wall or whatever was in his way. It`s not his fault he`s tall, he`s a wolf-boy-man…thing.

    Three Months Later

    Adam and I were at home, taking precautions. And, I have to admit, I did look really fat thanks to my belly. Adam stayed by my side the entire time. I knew it was really weird, but I always had my hand on my stomach, always cried with joy when I felt my little Aiden kicking inside of me. I was so happy to know I never blew up at Adam when I was mad. But I hate today. Dunkin and his twin sisters, they`re triplets, Danika and Danielle were here, setting up for a baby shower. I was walking down the stairs when the door bell rang, making me feel all sad.

    I didn’t want a baby shower!

    I watched as everyone walked in and handed me a present before making me open it. Emily stayed hidden, watching from who knows were. I got a baby changing table and a pile filled with clothes. I was opening Dunkin`s present when I felt pain.

    Oh crap!

    “Adam, we need to go.” I said.


    “Because I’m about to have a baby!” I said, jumping up and running into the car. Adam hopped in the front seat and drove me to the hospital. My baby was coming and I knew that I was never going to make it without Adam. I was happy.

    My baby is coming!