• “Fen?” I called in a voice so low that I barely heard myself. His gaze was unwavering, in the flickering lamplight, cold and restless as he held me in his sights.
    Before I could step forth from the sidewalk he was gone from the doorway, his arms trapping me from both sides against the damp brick that now grinded into my back. I let out a small gasp, surprised at the suddenness of it. He hushed me.
    “Be still,” he ordered, his voice soft and lulling. His eyes held their same coldness, but beneath that were signs of a deep, resonating hunger I knew him unable to control. I knew what was happening to him, and I knew what was going to happen to me.
    “Fenix, please,” I begged, my voice breathless as he crushed me harder against the brick. “Fen, don’t do this. If you kill me, what will happen to Amelia? She‘ll starve without me,” Acting as if he hadn’t heard me he began unbuttoning my jacket, just enough to expose my throat. The hunger was now dominant in his eyes, illuminating them in vengeful hellfire as he stared down at the exposed flesh. I tried to remain calm, knowing that the quickening of my heartbeat and pulse would only cause my lifespan to grow even shorter. I had so little time as it was. He was almost lost to the hunger now, if he wasn’t already.
    “Fen, you can’t do this,” I snarled, hoping to save myself with anger. I dug my nails into his arms and pushed, attempting to shake him off me. It had not effect, and he tightened his grip on my shoulders. He lowered his head, and I could feel his hot breath on my neck. I shivered as his lips grazed the skin at my throat. I shoved harder.
    “Fen!” I screamed again, just as he buried his teeth into my neck. I gasped, struggling beneath him as tears blurred my vision. He held me still, bracing one hand against the wall as he used the rest of his weight to keep me in place. I could feel him sucking the life from me, small droplets of blood escaping and staining my blouse red where they landed. My head grew light, and slowly I began to lose feeling throughout my body. I closed my eyes against the sound of Fenix drinking my blood.

    I knew I was going to die.