• As I walked down the street I noticed that there was something wrong, I didn't know what but there was certainly something wrong. As I turned around to get a better look at things there was an old, beat up, black van following me. I started running as fast as i could but the van was still following me. Finally I got to my house where I was going to be safe, at least, that's what I thought. All the lights were off except one in the living room where someone was waiting, for me.

    When the man saw me he stopped what he was doing and came over to me, who was frozen in the doorway. As the man was approaching me he said in a cold voice "If you are quiet none of your family will get hurt."

    As soon as he said that I couldn't stop thinking about what he had done with my family. Then he was beside me.
    He grabbed my shoulders and said in the same voice as before "You will be so happy to hear that your family is safe, But isn't it sad that you won't get to see them ever again?"

    I was almost about to cry when he said that but i remembered about what he said earlier about staying quiet. All I could think about was what he was going to do to me. It was all very difficult to think about.

    Then the man said "What's wrong? Is the little girl gonna cry?"

    When all of a sudden two other men came into the room, but they weren't the same as him they were much different.
    The first man was tall, slim, with dark hair, and glowing green eyes.
    The second man was the same but with almost bleach blond hair and glowing blue eyes.Then all of a sudden they were both beside the bad man and getting him away from me.

    The green eyed man slammed the bad man into the wall, While the blue eyed man came to help me and see if I was alright.

    Then the blue eyed man said "My name is Alexander, I am going to get you away from here to safety and then go rescue your family." Then he ran out the back door and jumped over the fence and ran to my best friend's house where he told me to stay until he came back with my family.

    I just stood there in shock as he ran back the way we had come extremely fast. Then I broke into tears, and my best friend's mom came running to see who was crying outside their door and then rushed me inside where I told her the whole story.

    When Alexander came back he told me that the cop's were there and wanted to see me for the whole story on what happened and for me to be taken to the hospital just to be checked out.

    After that day I could never stay alone anywhere because I was still terrified of what happened that terrible night that my life was nearly taken forever.