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    ~ Ifangeline's P.O.V ~

    Once I entered the ballroom I was blinded by the light for a moment and all I heard was the announcer's voice...

    "Ladies and Gentlemen may I have your attention please? may I introduce our Princess of our kingdom, Daughter of Queen Victoria and King Gabriel, Princess Ifangleine!"
    I then heard everyone politley clapping and I wasfinally able to see the room. It was a beatutiful ballroom with a qiant chandelier and humongous doors and windows from floor to nearly the ceiling. The staircase to the thrown are on each side from them One from the left another from the right that leads down to the dancefloor

    The ballroom is filled with all the neighboring Kingdoms across the land, many Kings and Queens, Prince's, Princesses, Dukes, Duchesses, and the villagers from our kingdomwere there. Pretty much everyone is here...well almost everyone... A tear is is forcing itself to come out, but I have to be strong I can't cry. I have to show my people that I am strong. Stop it Angeline get a hold of yourself!
    I began to make my way to join mother and father in my thrown. Once I sat down my faher stood up and began to announce his speech.
    "Les and Gentlemen! My faithful comrades, my people who follow me and trust me. Thank You All For coming tonight! It means everything to me and My wife and daughter."
    "Tch yea right, I didn't even want to come" I thought to myself
    "So pleaseI wish you all to have an eventful night!" he announced and with that he orchastra began to play a waltz and everyone started dancing even my parents.
    I decide to go outside for a bit and head down the stairs, on my way down though my friend, Prince Jason, appears and blocks my path.

    Jason has jet black hair, most of it covers his left eye. He has icy blue eyes and he's the sweetest guy throughout the whole kingdoms. He's been my friend for so many years. Our parent's knew each other since their highschool years and they inrtoduced us when we were kids and we've became close friends, but not as close as me and Emanuel. He is quiet shy and unfortently his mother had died not too long agao from cancer. He usually hanged out with me and Emanuel for a while but since his mother passed away he's been busy with his studies to become king as soon as possible. This burden has taken him from us and has made him very busy. The only way we keep up with each is by phone calls everyone now and again.

    "Hey Jason how are you? Are you enjoying the party?" I asked politley while curtsying. Gosh I hate doing that!

    "Um hello Princess Ifangeline" he said while bowing. "I'm enjoying the party just fine, how about yourself?"

    "Um I'm enjoying it as well, it's very lively. I don't think I even remeber the last time when my mother and father dance with everyone else." I said happily.

    "Ha ha. Yes it has been a while since everyone has been together like this." he said cheerfully as well. "How about you Princess Ifangeline? Aren't you going to dance? And do not tell me that you can't because we took classes together."

    "Ha ha ha, no no it's just, I don't know I guess I'm not in the mood to dance." I said quietly

    "Why has no one asked you yet?" he said, disbelieve in his voice

    "Yep pretty much, but it's fine." Really fine. In fact I couldn't be happier, I thought to myself

    "Well then will you do me the honor of dancing with me?" he asked bowing down politely again I started looking around frantically and in the corner of my eye I saw my parent's looking at me, smiling. They're enjoying this show aren't they?

    "Um Jason, I don't know if I should." I began helplessly.

    "Why not? You need a night where you can have fun" he protested sadly

    "Well...I...u...it's just... I don't know."

    "Then come on, dance with me." he said while grabbing my hand. I was about to give in when a picture of Emanuel flashed in my head.

    "Jason I can't, I'm sorry." I said sadly while lookingdown at the floor

    "That's right, she needs to be with a real man." A new voice came into our conversation, I turned to see who it was and it was Prince Vince.

    Ughh he's a real jerk. He treats his people from his kingdom like dirt, but they're all scared to argue or leave the kingdom for fear he might hunt them down and behead them. But it's all talk no action he just puts them in jail for two weeks and banish them telling everyone that he beheaded them instead.

    "What do you want Vince?" I asked angrily and without bothering of being 'proper' and 'polite'

    "C'mon babe, I'll show you want a real night of fun is?" he said confidently while putting his arm around me

    Vince has dirty blond hair and light green eyes and is a real jerk of course. Unfortently I've known him for years thanks to school. He's a real flirtatious guy pretty much went out with almost every girl from our school and then dumps them the next day after they've had their 'fun'. He's even tried it with me every once in a while but Emanuel is always there to save him and scares him off. But not this time....greaaat.

    "Um I don't think so, why don't you just go back to the hole you crawled out of" I spat out at him.

    I really hate this guy, he ordered Emanuel's dad to work for him for two weeks with barerly any breaks and Emanuel had to takeover the second day because his father collapse. Not to mention he was mocking Emanuel and whipped him whenever he paused for a second...I had to treat Emanuel's wounds when he got back.

    "Ouch That hurt." he said as he held his hand over his heart, if he even has one. "Just one dance, I promise you won't regret it." he said flirtatiously

    "No thanks, I'd rather spent a night with poisones snakes and spiders in a volcano than to be with you." I said and made my way to the balcony, and of course to be stop by another Prince who I'm guessing is wanting to ask me to dance with him. Grr. Curse you Alice, your so going to pay for this.

    "Hello Princess ifangeline, I was hoping if you would like to join me for a dance together?" asked Prince Phil, while ,of course, bowing. Paul also has dirty blond hair. He has hazel eyes and glasses. He's super smart and for some add reason he doesn't want to take his place as king, he wants to be a scientist or a docter instead.

    "Uh hello Prince Paul. I'm sorry but I don't really want to dance right now, but um I hope you enjoy the rest of the party" I quickly said and made my way to the balcony and closed the door behind me once I stepped outside.

    I took a deep breath and waited four seconds and finally let it out. 'This is too much, I hate to say it but I wish Emanuel was here instead of the guys here. Does that make me a horrible person?' I thought to myself. I turned around and saw everyone dancing and enjoying themselves even my parent's. Why is everyone else having fun except me? I'm happy and delighted that they are , what with everything of the vampires banishment fromour land, but I still wish Emanuel and my friends was here with me so I can be happy with everyone else.

    *Sigh* It's been almost a year and a half since the vampire's were banished from our land because they always fed off of our vil;agers and my father was repulsed by the idea so he and our neighboring kingdoms joined forces and created a huge army and we went to war between the vampires finally father couldn't take the fighting anymore and decided to discuse the issue with the head vampire and they comprimised that they leave the land and be force to feed off the animals in that area. Unfortently the head vampire died shortly after that unknown of the reason and the other vampires thought it ws my father who killed him. It's still a myster to us thoug, and because of this falso aquisation my friends have been kidnapped. That's not fair they had nothing to do with this.

    'Damn it Ifangeline! Stop it! Get a hold of yourself, don't think about it!.' I mentaly slapped myself. 'Your going back in there and just sit down and try to enjoy the party. I mean I don't have to go and dance with the prince's there, yea, I can just go in there and watch everyone have fun! Yeah that'll ease my thoughts. Knowing that evryone is fine and safe and happy. Now I'm going to march in there and try to have fun and I'm going to like it!' I thought to myself confidently and marched out the balcony and made my way to my throne and sat down and I watched everyone dance.

    ----- 11:18 p.m----

    It feels like an eternity since I came back from the balcony. All I've done was sit on my butt and the only time I got up was for the toast and when I went to join everyone to go eat. And it was still boring all the adults were talking amongst themselves and the teens just ate quietly and made small talk with themselves. Some of my friends came up to me too and we talk a little bit but I couldn't really stick with the conversation. I kept on worrying over the rest of my friends, they could be anywhere right now.

    I was pretty much the only one was sitting down and not dancing like everyone else, well besides our royal adviser, Ishidate,who was just standing near the wall close to the staircase. Ishidate is orignally from Japan but he came over to america for a new life and he found it. Father always looks toward him for advice. Ishidate is a very close personal friend to the family. He is very kind but lately he's seems distant, a bit eerie too, hmm I've never really noticed that until now. I've barely see him around the castle anymore. Come to think of it it's really rare when we do see him. Odd. Ummm and why is he constently looking at this watch?' I thought to myself suspiciously

    "Something's wrong here" I whispered quietly to myself as I watched him, with every passing minute he forms a giant grin. 'No! He wouldn't betray my father, or the family, or the kingdom! Angeline stop having these thoughts! Stop being paranoid! Geez calm down! Ishidate is a close friend!' I yelled at myself while shaking my head. I was interuppted by my scolding from someone clearing their throat.

    "Excuse me princess, are you not going to participate in the festivities as well?" It was Ishidate's voice, I quickly looked up at him.

    "Oh, hello Ishidate...no I don't feel quiet up to it tonight...I guess I'm still worrying about my friends." I whispered sadly fearing if I make my voice any louder that it will crack and I'll start crying.

    "Ahhh, I see. Don't worry my princess I swear that I will try my hardest to find them." he said while bowing down.

    "I know you will, thank you Ishidate, I really appreaciate it" I thanked truthfully

    "It's no problem, anything for royal family." with that he walked away

    "Thank you Ishidate," I said quietly ashamed of thinking those horrid thought of Ishidate.... Emanuel where are you? I really need to see you, right now! I miss you....Dammit what should I do? I can't just sit here and lose preciouse time, he could out there in the cold half dead. I closed my eyes really tightly and was having a mental debate with myself.

    'I should go, what if he's hurt somewhere in the woods?!'

    'What if he's not? You'll be putting yourself at risk if you search the woods. Remember the vampires?'

    'But he could be walking through the woods and vampires are heading his way'

    'Yea and what if you do find him and there are vampires there who just found him, what will you do then?'

    'I'll bring a knife or something...'

    'Remember idiot their skin is impenetrable..'

    'But at least I'll try, I won't know what happens if I don't try and give it my all!'


    'No but's! That's it I'm going and nothing's going to stp me!' I finally said to myself. I looked around slowly and cautiosly in case father ordered some guards to watch over me in cse I tried anything finally...good cost was clear....now I'm just going to quietly sneak away an-.........

    BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! went a large noise and when I turned to see what it was I saw our doors crumbling to the floor . 'Something exploded the door!' I thought to myself. I then saw a small object hit the floor from the outside....'Is-Is that...a BOMB??!!!'

    "EVERYONE GET OUT OF THE WAY!!! IT'S A BOMB!!!!!" I yelled ut to everyone as I quickly got up from the chair. I heard a small ticking going faster and then there was smoke everywhere

    'WHA-WHAT'S HAPPENING?!!' I screamed inside my head, frozen and in shock to even move as I saw everyone down below being trapped inside the smoke. 'Is it poisoness gas?! No if it was then I wouldn't be able to keep hearing the screams. Then a thought sudden;y accourd to me....

    "MOTHER!! FATHER!!!! WHERE ARE YOU??!!!" This is bad, this is really bad!! What do I do??!! I have to look for them. I looked around frantically around me and saw the flagpole with our flag on it I hurriedly ran over to it and slid down from it, cautiose in case someone was waiting from there.

    When I reached the floor maids and waiters were leading some of our guest to an emergency exit, I kept on search for mother and father. When I looked to my left I saw Mother and Father being led away by a guard.

    "Ohh. Thank goodness." I said in relief. I then heard something so horrifying that I couldn't believe my ears. I heard gashes and swords being flunged. I heard endless screaming, crying and begging. I heard evil laughter it was so horrifying and I heard it all around me.

    "Wha-what's happening?! What's going on?!" I looked at the serving table and I saw a waiter trying defend himself with a kitchen knife from someone. 'No! Don't do it you idiot!' I screamed in my head unaware that I actually screamed it outloud. Then I saw the most horrifying sight. The man hovering over the waiter grabbed a large sword from his waist and struck the waiter from his right shoulder all the way down to his left hip. I just stared wide-eyed and in fear.

    I saw many of our waiters and some of our maids and villagers being gashed and attacked also. It was simply horrifying. Then I saw a figure close to the staircase it was Ishidate! But he's grinning! Why?! Can't he see what's happening?!! Isn't he horrifed?!! Then all of a sudden he's expression turned into shocked, then anger. What is going on?!!

    I then heard familiar scream. I turned to see who it was and I saw Alice being chased by a man, wait a minute he's from our kingdom! What is a soldier doing chasing Alice?! I quickly looked around and found a sword next to the corpse of a soldier of...*gulp* of mine all covered in blood. I felt sick and my stomach churned but I quickly pulled myself together and ranned toward Alice.

    I heaved up the sword (man this thing is heavy) and blocked the soldier who almost slashed Alice. Shock written all over his face.

    "Pr-Pirncess!" Alice manage to cry out.

    "Nughh! No time...hu-hurry!!! Get out of here!" I yelled out to her. Barerly holding on

    "Bu-BUT!!" shestammered

    "NO 'BUTS' NOW!!! UHHH!!" I ordered her and she quickly ran out of the way and headed toward the emergency exit. I gathered all my strength and pushed the soldeir off. I tackled him to the floor.

    'WHA-WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!!!" I yelled out at him, he didn't reply he only snarled at me like a wild animal. It was only then that I noticed his eyes, they were they were RED! And he had fangs! What how is that possible?!Could...could it be that our attackers are The Bloodred Rose Coven?! It can't-it can't be!But why? What else do they want?! How many more hostages will they take?!!

    "K-kill me" the guard stuttered. I looked up at his face

    "Wha-what?!" I asked in shock.

    "Please, your majesty....please kill me! KILL ME!!!! i'M BEGGING YOU"

    "What?! No! I can't do that!!"

    "Please! Please kill me! End me of my misery! Let me die letting me know that it was my decision instead of a decision of a monster."

    "NNNghhh, al-alright....I'll do it....." I said sadly I brought the sword over my head and quickly plunged it down to his heart...I heard his rib cage crack and I heard the splurshhh from the heart... "I'm sorry...you were a brave soldier."I cried softly...there were still people screaming all around me I quickly got up and tried to help everyone I could

    When I turned around I noticed that the smoke was finally clearing. It took me just a fraction of a second to adjust to my surroundings. Once it completely gone I saw something horrifying and frightening that it made ,e regret ever turning around. I couldn't believe my eyes....

    (author speaking: Now listen to animal I've become!)

    I saw Emanuel with a bloody sword attacking a soldier striking him again and again...it was so horrifying it made me want to throw up and cry at the same time...Emanuel he's...he's here I finally get to see him...but why...why is he doing this?! Why is he attcking my kingdom?!! Emanuel! I-I don't understand!!!! I started to cry and my crying turned into sobbing.

    I then notticed that Michael, Angela, and two more people where attacking people too! Wha-what's going on?! Why are my freinds attacking us?! Then I see them more observantly and I see they have fangs and they are pale white...no, no , no! It can't be are they, are they....vampires?!

    Then I heard someone snickering I slowly turned my head and saw Ishidate snickering all carefree,

    'Ishidate! What are you doing?! Why aren't you helping these people?!' I said in my mind but was still frozen to say it outloud...then he reaches his hand in his jacket and pulls out a gun and he starts to aim it at someone. Then I turn my head to see who it is and I see that it's Emanuel. Then without thinking I ran to Ishidate and try to stop him, but the only thing I did was make him shoot up the cielin.

    He looks at me angrily and he punches me and of course I get pissed off and I punch him in his stomach, I quickly try to grab the gun from him but he hits me hard on the head with the back of the gun and he grabs me by my throat and hurls me so hard that I fly across the room and I crash into the wall. I feel a warm liquid oozing from my head and I feel it around me.....then I think I saw Emanuel crouching over me saying my name...

    "Angeline? Angeline are you okay? It's okay your safe now....I'm back...Angeline stay with me....." then I lose conscienceness.... and everything is dark..............


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