• Another day, again I left school slowly, looking to no other place than the floor. It was always so boring, so lame, so... well, it was school, everyone knows how is it.
    The thing that made the diference was that, that gray, cold and wet day, a little paper airplane landed just in front of my feet.
    I looked around, but there was nobody. "Why not?" I asked myself, as I opened the air note.

    I've been seeing you for weeks, you're always the same silent student that stays late at school, you're not too handsome, but neither the ugliest person in the world. You sometimes smile, and you never laugh.
    So then, I have to ask you...
    Why I like you? Why you always catch my attention? Why you're always the only person I see when I close my eyes?
    You started being for me as any other person in the street, I looked at you with curiosity, just figuring out what were you tinking... And, before I could realise, you were always on my mind.
    When is Sunday, now I never enjoy like before. Why? I've ended up thinking that is because the school, it’s closed, with those iron bars faithfully closed. I mean, you're not there, in the street, out of my window and you don’t know how painful is to stay there thinking you maybe come, and look at my window, but that’s only a dream.
    When I see you, I can't control my smile, mi sigh, and then I end up dreaming about you... and me... and then you and me together and... I'll end up without paper if I get this way.
    The thing is that you, and your way of acting, have made me change. You, without knowing you -I don't know even your name!-, have made more for this foolish, dreamy and simple girl, than more of my relatives. I have to thank you that. Because, making me change, was like bringing back the smiles, the good things of life... Even if I have to thank you, I also have to ask you why, and hope you will answer me.
    So, see you tomorrow, and, maybe sometimes, there won't be a high building separating us.
    Take care.
    Te girl from the eleventh floor

    I looked at the building in front of me, it was amazingly high, and I started to count the floors.
    When I get to the eleventh floor, I could only see a group of white curtains fluttering. Nobody was there but, something inside me made me smile. I put away the sheet in my bag, and looked one more time to the window, and then then I kept going home.