• When we peeked in the stall where the crying was we saw nothing. Nothing at all. I heard Toni scream and that made me jump.
    "What was that for?!" I asked sounding a little annoyed.
    She laughed a little and said "Just to scare you!" She laughed again.
    "Hahaha" I said Mockingly "No time for fooling around. We just have to focus and figure this out."
    "Sorry. But i hear crying right here but i dont see anything..." She said.
    I was about to respond when i saw a girl crying on the toilet seat.
    Toni and I screamed staring at each other for 5 minutes. The ghost girl Shouted "STOP! YOU MORTAL HUMANS ALWAYS GIVE ME GHOSTLY HEADACHES!"
    I stared at Toni, Toni stared at me, we both stared at the ghost. The ghost started bursting into laughter. Toni and I started to "Fake Laugh." The ghost said "I am Coraline."
    "Hi Coraline." I said in a weak voice. Toni just stood silent.
    "Oh C'mon! Lighten up! I'm not mean or scary!" After saying that she smiled the cutest smile i have ever seen.
    "Uh. I guess this mystery was pretty easy." SAid Toni sounding a tad dissapointed.
    "Ye-" But before i could finish my sentence Coraline shouted "WRONG! YOu mystery has just begun! There are always people looking for me for a nice mystery. Once they do they think its over when they are wrong! Now that you have found me i want you to do 3 tasks."
    "Do we have to?" I asked.
    "No. But if you want a mystery i suggest you do." Responded Coraline rather quickly.
    "OH PLEASE OH PLEASE ALLY! I really want to figure out a mystery. Please!" Begged Toni.
    I thought a few seconds. Finally i responded. "Fine. I kinda want to also."
    "Any clues?" Toni asked in her proffesional detective voice.
    "First you must find something that hangs down and you will need to look high in uptown. This object is something thats lit but be careful, for you may not see it. When you found it meet me back here." Responded Coraline.

    To be continued.