• “Wh…Why did you do this?” Jabir spluttered with a bit of blood as he lay there dying. “You captured citizens and made them slaves! Why do you think I stabbed you?” Abdul-Qadir shouted,
    “Slaves? They where not slaves, I gave shelter, food and water! So they wanted to work for it and I let them, that does not make them slaves!”
    “Shelter? You call cages shelter? And this food and water you say, it isn’t here is it? It’s all in your sleeping quarters, isn’t it? If you ask me you don’t deserve to live, after the way you treat everyone else!” and with that said Abdul-Qadir pulled his blade out of Jabir’s neck, smeared some of his blood on to a strip of cloth and ran off.

    As he ran upon the rooftops of Jerusalem, He thought to himself ‘