• I walked home from school with my best friend Denise, like I do every day. You see, Denise comes over every single day and my parents are always there, being their obnoxious selves. So today I thought I would make it easier to do stuff at home without my parents there.

    Denise stood beside me as I crossed my arms and looked my parents in the eye. "Mom, dad, I need you to do Denise and I a favor." I said solemnly. "Sure sweety, what would you like?" My mom was all-smiles. "Take dad out to dinner so Denise and I could have our time. My dad sure seemed to like that idea. "Yeah, sweet-pea. We should go out to eat. Let's go." My dad grinned and took my mom's hand. "We'll be back by ten o'clock sharp." My mom called as they headed out the door. And that's when the terror began.

    CLASH! Something sounded like glass falling on a hard-wood floor. "Denise, we should really check out what we heard." I stammered. "Um, how 'bout you. I'll stay here." Denise frowned. I grabbed Denise's hand and led her into the kitchen, where I saw broken glass and blood.

    "Hey, there's a note on the table! It says:

    Dear Nikki and friend,
    I know you're here. I am always watching you. When the time is right, I will come and kill you. Right now I am hiding. Come and find me!
    -Unknown." I read, tears coming out of my eyes. "Here, I'll get you a paper towel to dry your eyes." Denise walked forward, not seeing a bump on the floor. "Denise, NO!" I screamed. Too late. It was like everything was going in slow motion. Denise stepped right in front of the bump and lifted that foot. Her other foot waved in the air. Denise's whole body thrusted towards a piece of sharp glass near where she was falling. I jumped up and tried to save her. Uh-oh, too late. THUMP! Blood spewed onto the blade of glass. Was Denise alive? Yes, gladly. Was the horror over? No, no it wasn't.

    I took chest gauze and wrapped it around Denise's wounded area. When I was done, I got a text from Unknown. "Oh no, here we go again." I frowned. Denise opened the text and stared at it. "It says:

    Hello again,
    I'm (not) sorry that happened to your friend. But guess what, there's more to come for you and more in stock for your little friend. HAH!
    -The Beloved Unknown Maniac." Denise read. "That means I'm next, I think!" I weeped. "Ya think?" Denise sneered, looking at the ceiling. I gasped as I looked above me. 13 knives were being held up by a heavy-weight rope. The knives went down medium preportins. "Nikki, LOOK OUT!" Denise cried as the knives went down faster and bigger preportions. Great timing. I luckily jumped out of the way as the knives dented the floorboards. Then Denise's phone rang. She reached for it and handed it to me. "Hello?" I asked.

    "I see you have completed my second-to-last test." A voice cracked.

    "Uh... who are you?"

    "I'm Unknown. I'm in your house."

    "Why did you choose me?"

    "Well, you put up a good fight, and you must have great reflects. And dim-wit parents."


    "Ok, prove it. Meet me upstairs. And bring your beloved Denise, too."

    "Ok, fine. I will. Good-bye!" I hung up. "Who wa-" Denise started. "That's not important right now. Just get upstairs." I sneered as I pulled Denise along upstairs.

    When we finally got up, I saw a female dash into my room. I followed in. Then automatically, the door closed. It was dark, but I saw the female's evil grin. "My name is not really unknown. My real name is Danielle." The female voice rasped. "Hey, there's a Danielle in our class. What's your last name?" Denise fought. "Davis. Why do you ask?" The voice rasped again. "Hey, that's the Danielle-in-our-class' last name! Do you go to Water-Chestnut High?" Denise struck back. "Yes, I do! Because I am in your class!" Danielle switched on the lights. "Well, you're familiar!" Denise smiled. "Hey Danielle, can you smack her up side the head?" I crossed my arms. "Sure, Nikki. Anything for my new friend. Too bad you lost your old one." Danielle grinned. Then, she smacked Denise on the forehead so hard, her hand pushed through Denise's skull.

    And my parents never came back........