• Tanya walked through the tight squeezed bushes to get to see all the footprints. Now all she could she was darkness 'cause it was like 9:00pm. She sighed and stepped toward where she came from. "Well Violet, guess like this means it's bedtime." She sighed.
    That next morning, when they woke, they went straight to the bushes. But, unluckily, they footprints were gone. "Oh no! Aw man! This stinks! Looks like we will have to keep searching, Violet." They got up and left the little jungle to look for more clues. They were very light on their feet (probably because before their parents died they all 3 got 1st place in a marathon). "Momo mestinino?" Which meant, "Are we almost there yet?" Violet asked. "Violet, we don't even know where we are going. How are we supposed to be there yet?" Now, everyone knows that when Violet STOPS making sense thats bad.
    "Hey, did you bring the cantine with you? When we left that little camp?" Tanya asked as they stopped. "No." she said quickly and with no emotion but her eyes were showing all the emotion Tanya needed to know that Violet felt awful. Too awful, actually. "Well we can't go back becuase it took us all day to come this far and if we get there we will be tremendously thirsty and we will drink all the water and then we won't have any left." Tanya said frantically.
    For some peculiar reason, Violet had a sense water wasn't far. They moved faster and quicker until there it was. The ocean. "How's that for water?" Tanya said in disbelief to herself.