• Later on that day Tyler, Seth, Renna and Grace were called to the office. A man sat on one of the chairs in the waiting area. He looked familiar, but they didn't really know him. Mrs. Trixx, the woman at the counter, pointed to the man.
    "Renna, this is your Uncle Mundane. He's agreed to take you kids on. He will be your guardien, but you all get one of these cell phones. Child services' number is the first one in there. In case anything goes wrong." Mrs. Trixx handed Grace a purple phone, Renna a grey one, Seth a black one, and Tyler a green one. They picked up thier backpacks and stepped out of the glass walled room and into the waiting area.
    "Renna! Why, I haven't seen you in ages! Now, I went to speak with the orphanage lady... Mrs. Tide, that was it. Anyway, she gave me your things and I am pleased to tell you all that we will be moving to my home in London." Mundane smiled and clasped his hands together. The kids high fived and smiled and cheered.
    "Sweet, London!" Seth smiled.
    "I think I might have been there with you once before, Uncle Mundane." Renna shook her head as if trying to clear it.

    The plane was huge! They had first class seats and unlimited food and drink service. Seth and Renna sat together as usaul, and Mundane sat by himself in front of Tyler and Grace.
    At around twelve am, Seth woke up to find that Renna had fallen asleep with her head on his shoulder. He smiled slightly and flicked off the overhead light. It would only be a few hours before they got to Mundane's mansion in London. Seth fell asleep just a few minutes later.

    It was six am when they arrived at the London airport. Seth woke up early, and, (Much to his pleasure) Renna's head was still on his shoulder. He woke her up when it was time to get off. Grace and Mundane stayed to get the luggage from baggage claim, while Tyler went to get ice cream. Seth and Renna, however, went to get real food.
    It all happened so quickly. A flash of green light, a burst of screams. Renna raised one hand, keeping it palm out at arm's length. Suddenly, the green thing disapeared into her palm, and she shot it back at a man standing ten yards away. Everyone was frozen. Like time had stopped. The man held a wand in his hand, and then, he blikned out of sight.
    "What the HELL was that?!" Renna panted.
    "You're asking me!?" Seth looked at her hand.....