• ~school bell rings~

    “I can't believe you got all those letters Kyouya!” Tamaki said, quite surprised about his best pal's popularity which is 30% higher than him.

    “Yeah, according to last week's statistics, the 'Cool Type' seem to be popular with girls these past few days”

    “And because of that, 'Mommy' got first in the club's ranking. Tell me Kyouya, what's your technique to get huge number of costumers”

    “It's not like I don't want to share it but I don't have one”

    “Boo! Kyou-kun. Is that the way you treat your friends now?”

    “I already told you, i don't have a technique”

    “Alright...If you say so...”

    They are walking in the school hallway heading to the third music room, in which the famous Host Club is located. Still discussing the club's ratings, a girl appeared behind them. Her hair is shoulder length, and her eyes are as black as her hair.

    She bumped on Kyouya, scattering all her books on the floor. She instantly recognized the Host Club members and quickly apologized.

    “ Sumimasen Ootori-kun. I wasn't looking in my way”

    “ It's ok, don't worry about it” Kyouya replied

    She began picking up her things and Tamaki, always being a gentleman helped her. As he was about to pick the last book, he noticed a pink envelope with the letters K.O. In between the pages. He gave it to her and said “So, you're one of Kyou-kun's fans huh?”

    “How did you know that?” She asked

    “With that letter addressed to him, it's quite easy to tell.” Tamaki explained

    “W-well, I originally plan to give it to him but...” She answered back, trying not to blush too much.

    “Where's the letter that you're talking about Tamaki?” Kyouya said

    “It's inserted in her book”

    “ My princess, may I have your letter?” Kyouya smiled


    “Don't you think it's sort of a waste if you just throw away something that you wrote with all your heart?”

    “I-It's because....the things written there are kind of.... uhm... uhhh... private.”

    “Daijobu, don't worry. Everything that you wrote there will be our little secret” Kyouya insisted.

    “O-ok, here it is” She handed him the letter and looked at her watch

    “Oh no! I'm late for our song practice! Excuse me, but I have to go now” She immediately left, running down the stairs.

    “ Hey,Kyouya,do you know her?” Tamaki asked

    “Yes, she is Ichigo Sasaki, 16 years old, First Year class A”

    “I don't see her coming to our club. How come you know her”

    “She's the daughter of my mom's best friend.”

    “Oh, I see. You know, there's something about her that caught my attention 'Mommy'. I just can't pinpoint what it is”

    “You know, you're right about that 'Daddy'. Ichiru-san is quite interesting.” Kyouya agreed as he open the door of the Host Club.

    While Kyouya and Tamaki are getting ready to work at the club. The friendly trio, Haruhi, Hikaru, and his younger twin Kaoru came out of the library after researching for their group project. As they pass the school auditorium, something caught Kaoru's attention.

    “Is something wrong Kaoru?” Hikaru asked with concern on his face.

    “It's nothing, I just forgot to do something. You two go ahead, I'll catch up with you later”

    “Do you need help? I'll go with you.” Hikaru offered

    “No, that's okay Hikaru. You should spend more time with Haruhi. Help her move on from her break-up with 'Our Lord'.”

    “Is everything alright over there?” Haruhi asked, she was staring outside the window and heard nothing while the twins were talking.

    “Uh...yeah, Kaoru just forgot to to something. He said he'll catch up later.”

    “Oh, I see”

    “Well then, see you later bro.” Hikaru said

    “See ya”

    When the two were out of sight, Kaoru entered the auditorium.

    “I thought I heard someone singing” He thought to himself

    ~Hajimete kimi wo mita ano hi kara. Todo toki bakari ga sugite ooh~

    He heard the voice once again and this time it's clearer. He looked at the direction where the voice came from. Right there on stage, a chocolate brown haired girl is sitting beside the piano. Not noticing that she's being watched, she continued practicing her song.

    Kaoru, who was mesmerized by her singing leaned on the wall, still watching her.

    Ten minutes later, he heard footsteps outside the door. He immediately hid behind the door. Avoiding to make any sound as possible.

    “ Seira-chan!” Ichigo Sasaki came in, catching her breath.

    “Ah, Ichigo-chan, you're late.”

    “Gomene, I kinda got distracted and didn't notice the time.”

    “Where's Chiyuki?”

    “ She said she can't come for today's practice.”

    “ Okay...then, let's begin.”

    They started practicing and didn't notice Kaoru who quietly left and returned to his club.

    “So...her name is Seira...huh.” Kaoru said to himself while climbing up the stairs.

    Back at the auditorium, Ichigo and Seira have finished practicing their song. Seira kept telling her friend about her day while on the other hand, Ichigo wasn't listening at all. She kept thinking about the letter she gave to Kyouya, and what will be his reaction. Will he avoid me? Hate me? Or Accept me? She thought to herself. Seira noticed this and and said “Hellloooo! Earth to Ichigo. Come in Ichigo!”

    “Oh, sorry Seira. I wasn't listening. Something just came to my mind. Gomen”

    “Nah it's ok. Ne Ichigo-chan, I want to try going to the Host Club”

    “ What? Why?”

    “ Well....they say that it's the best club in the school. I want to try it out.” Seira smiled.

    “ Ok then. Let's ask Chiyuki if she can come with us.”

    “ Where are we going guys?” Chiyuki said, walking towards them. Her light brown hair swaying to the breeze coming from the open window.

    “ We're going to try the host club. Wanna come?” Seira asked

    “ Sure...It's already my free time anyway”

    When they reached the Third Music Room, Ichigo was the one to open the door. The Host Club members gave them a smile and said “Irasshaimase!”

    Kaoru walked close to them, urging them to come in.

    “ Come this way lovely lad-”

    His eyes widened when he saw Seira, the girl that he was watching a while ago, right there in front of him.