• No one else can make me feel…

    Alix and Cole sat side by side at the bar, Alix sipping a Cosmopolitan, Cole a White Russian. Cole polished off his drink, setting the empty glass on the bar behind him.

    “I’m gonna go dance now. You comin’?” Cole asked.

    Alix shook his head. He wasn’t one much for dancing in public. “You go ahead. I’ll watch.”

    Cole pouted. “Please? I really want you to dance with me.”

    “I don’t feel like it, Cole,” he responded. “You know I don’t dance.”

    Cole smirked. “In that case, I’ll dance extra special for you.” He disappeared into the crowd after giving Alix a quick kiss on the cheek.

    Alix took another sip on his Cosmo, watching his boyfriend mesh right in with the twisting bodies on the dance floor, acting naughty. He snorted to himself. Every eye around him was drawn to Cole’s hips as he shook them with almost professional ease. His boyfriend was such a flirt.

    The song ended and a slower one began. Cole adjusted to the new tempo, swinging his hips from left to right in a slow, sexual motion. Alix narrowed his eyes as another man stepped up behind him and wrapped his arms around Cole’s waist.

    Cole, too caught up in the music, barely noticed the man. Assuming it was Alix, he swayed against him, throwing his hands up behind the man’s neck.

    Alix seethed as he saw Cole lean his head back against the other man’s shoulder. He fumed when Cole’s lips sensuously parted in happiness. But he practically spat fire when he noticed Cole grinding his a** into the man. Okay, so he could accept that Cole was flirty by nature, but this, this was going way too…

    “Far,” he snarled, slamming his glass onto the bar.

    Cole hadn’t realized that the man behind him wasn’t Alix, but when he felt him trying to cop a feel, oh, boy, did he realize that it wasn’t Alix. He grabbed the man’s hand and was about to inform him of his happily-dating status, but was interrupted when another hand snatched his arm and jerked him away from the man.

    “Mine,” he growled at the man, before dragging Cole off the dance floor.

    “Alix?” Cole questioned in bewilderment.

    Alix grabbed their jackets from the bar and stormed through the exit, all the while pulling Cole behind him.

    He was so angry he didn’t even hear Cole protesting behind him. He didn’t notice much of anything at all until Cole dug his feet into the ground and yanked back on Alix’s arm.

    “For ******** sake, Alix, I’m trying to talk to you!” he yelled. “What the hell is going on?”

    Alix grabbed Cole by the shirtfront and hauled him closer. “Don’t you dare ask me what the hell is going on, you dirty, lying, cheating whore!” he hissed before turning heel and stomping off.

    “Oh, holy s**t, no,” Cole seethed. He ran after Alix, roughly spinning him around to face him. “Just where do you ******** get off, ******** accusing me for no ******** reason like that? I asked for a ******** explanation, so give me one!”

    “Oh, an explanation? Is that what you want?” Alix retorted. He gestured at the bar contemptuously. “Why don’t you go ask your little dance partner for a ******** explanation if you want one so badly?”

    “What the hell does he have to do with this? This is between you and me, Alix!” Cole shouted back. “You just ******** up and dragged me out of the bar for no ******** apparent reason!”

    Alix laughed darkly. “You’re so, so stupid. You’re just a stupid whore with absolutely no perception of other people’s feelings at all,” he said softly.

    Cole rolled his eyes angrily, barely noticing the insult. “Jesus ******** Christ, here you go with this feelings s**t again. Alix, I can’t ******** understand jack s**t about your feelings if you ******** don’t tell me, you dumb a*****e.”

    The parking lot was silent as they both considered what he’d said. Alix stared at the ground, feeling very guilty all of a sudden. Tears threatened to fall from his eyes, but his pride wouldn’t let them. “No one else…” he said quietly. He hesitated.


    “No one else can make me feel…make me feel…” Alix trailed off as he couldn’t find the words to say.

    Cole studied his boyfriend warily, his earlier frustration dying off. “Um, the colors that you bring?” he supplied, quoting the song.

    “What?” Alix said, looking up quickly. “You don’t feel colors, Cole.”

    “Maybe that’s the problem. I’m feeling colors, and you’re feeling…hurt?” he ventured.

    Alix thought about it. Actually, colors made sense, now that he looked at it. Cole made him feel nothing he’d ever felt before. Colors.

    Or maybe that was the alcohol talking. Alix shook his head and smiled.

    “No, Cole,” he stated. “No one else can make me feel the colors that you bring, you’re right.” He fidgeted with the edge of his shirt. “I…I think I overreacted. I’m sorry.”

    Cole sighed. “That’s great, sweetheart. But it would be a lot ******** better if I knew what the ******** you were apologizing for,” he said.

    Alix knotted his hands in his hair and turned away. “I don’t know! I saw you out there, dancing, and then that…that guy just came up behind you, and you…you—”

    “That?” Cole exclaimed incredulously. “Alix, I thought it was you! That is, until he tried to feel me up. Then I was about to inform him that my whoring days are over, thank you very much sir, when you come raging in like a ******** b***h!”

    Alix raised his eyebrows. “O-oh. See? I overreacted. Sorry.” Had they been in a better lit place than the parking lot of a bar, Cole would’ve seen the magnificent blush creeping across his face.

    Cole let out a disgusted sigh. “You’re such a ******** girl. I mean, Jesus. You could’ve at least ******** on,” he said, stalking forward and pulling Alix by the arm.

    “Wh-where’re we going?” he asked nervously.

    Cole looked at him naughtily, his rakish smile glinting in the night. “Baby, I’m gonna make you feel the ******** rainbow.”