• When I was young,
    I wanted to be like you,
    You inspired me,
    To be when older,
    As I aged on,
    I realized the danger,
    Took the chances,
    Life or death situation,
    You showed me the path,
    Taught me everything
    You looked out for me,
    I appreciated your being,
    I'm sorry I was too self-confident,
    There was something,
    I had been meaning to tell you,
    Thank you,
    Being there for me,
    Having others look out for me,
    Healing my wounds,
    Wish I could have called you,
    One last time,
    Before you entered the world beyond,
    It won't be the same without you,
    But I'll grow on,
    Be strong for you,
    I'll dearly miss you,
    I'm sorry please forgive me.