He's finally home; is it finally the end of the psycho hunter and her hybrid lover? Doubt it.

    A small gentle hand shook me by my shoulder, finally making me realize I had fallen asleep. I woke up with a small jerk and a snort and glanced around the room. The sun was hardly peeking over the horizon but the sky was beautiful; various pastel shades drowned the sky. I turned over and noticed it was Ai shaking me awake; wouldn't she normally start going to bed at that time? Checking my phone, I groaned when the clock read about six thirty in the morning.

    "What is it, Ai? What's wrong?" I squinted a little to adjust my pathetic eyes.

    "Somebody is at the front door," she bit her lip, nervous.

    My heart sped up, "Wait in here,"

    I rolled out of the bed and slid a sweatshirt on, cursing myself under my breath for not turning up the heat for the night. Just because it was April didn't mean it wouldn't still be chilly at night, especially in Sapporo where it's in the northern part of Japan. My feet slid into my slippers and I trudged to the front door. My hand nervously reached for the knob and right when I was opening it, somebody else was opening it from the other side at the same time. Nearly nailing me in the face, the door swung open a little quicker than I pulled it open. Standing on the other side was no less than a god; even the heavenly pastel sky made him look godlier.

    "Kai!" I exclaimed and embraced him immediately, causing him to drop his luggage.

    "Oh, you're awake," I could hear the smile in Kai's voice and he embraced me back.

    "You're here, you're here, you're finally here!" I nearly cried, throwing all of my other problems away at the moment. I pulled away a little while he kept holding me off of my feet. "You never called to tell me you were on your way."

    "I wanted to surprise you," he frowned. "I'd never have fathomed you'd be awake at this time."

    Oh. I couldn't exactly explain at the moment as to why I was awake, "Just had a sense, I guess,"

    We shared a roughly compressed kiss and he twirled us around a little. My heart was beating asperously at the fact that he was finally home. His natural scent radiated off of him and it only made me feel more at home. It was a long week, but we managed to survive.

    "Stay in here, I'll get my luggage," Kai ordered me after setting me on my feet and giving me a light kiss.

    As soon as Kai turned around to get the rest of the luggage from the car, I felt a light tugging at my pajama pants. I glanced down and Ai was staring up at me in concern. I frantically waved her away into the living room, letting her know I'd introduce her in several minutes. Ai nodded and skipped into the living room, seeming pretty anxious about Kai. After a second, Kai had hauled all of his luggage into the hallway of the front door and he embraced and kissed me again.

    "It's so good to see you again," he smiled and kissed me after cupping one side of my face with one hand.

    Kai seemed so happy to be back; the last thing I wanted to do was ruin his already good day but I couldn't really hide a child from him if Ai is in the same home. I bit my lip and held onto Kai's hand with both of mine and I glanced up at him anxiously.

    "I, um, I guess you could say I have a surprise for you...?" I ended it with a slight question so I wouldn't seem so upfront about it. "It was quite the surprise for me too."

    He burrowed his eyebrows together, "What do you mean?"

    I bit my lip again, surprised he didn't pick up Ai's scent yet; he was probably too exhausted, "Come with me,"

    I kept a hold of his hand and drug him into the living room behind me. Ai was waiting anxiously on the cough, kicking her feet around as any child would do. I stopped myself and had Kai stand next to me and we both stood about ten feet in front of Ai. Silence followed soon after for a prolonged period and if I didn't know any better, I'd have thought Kai had a heart attack. When I glanced up, Kai gave off the last expression I'd have thought he'd ever make in his lifetime. He looked as though he was suppressing laughter, deadly laughter.

    "What?" I burrowed my eyebrows together, concerned rather than confused.

    Kai let out a soft chuckle, even though he wanted to let out more, "You never told me you had your own child,"

    At that, I punched his kidney and shook my injured hand after that. I gripped his hair and pulled him down to my level, "I'm still a virgin, mind you!"

    "I'm sorry, I've been congregating with Takeuchi for too long," Kai laughed. "It's what I deserve for volunteering to help them."

    "You're damn right, you a**--!" I stopped myself from finishing the word, seeing as there was a child in our presence.

    Kai ceased his laughter after a few minutes and glanced over at Ai, "Whose child is she?"

    "I don't know," I pursed my lips and looked down. "May I talk with you alone for a second?"

    "Yes, of course," Kai nodded with a small smile. I didn't know if the smile was from agreeing sentimentally with me or if he still wanted to laugh. I'd have to punch Takeuchi next time I'd see him.

    I led Kai into the bedroom and shut the door behind me. To start things off, I embraced him tightly and kissed him a little more. We apparently got a little carried away because I was on my back on the bed in a split second and Kai's curious hands were eager. I stopped for a moment as soon as he tried to pry my teeth apart with his tongue and I held him back a little.

    "We're here to talk about her," I frowned, referring to Ai and cursing Kai in my head for distracting me.

    "Oh, right," he frowned at himself and rolled us over so I was on top of him and he gently stroked my waist with one hand at a single tempo.

    "First off, her name is Ai--I don't know her last name--and she's a Vampire child," I started. "She's six years old and she's been here since the day after you left.

    "Her mother was killed shortly before she ran into me," I pursed my lips together and Kai's face fell a little more serious. "The hunter is still after Ai and I still don't know why. And, mind you, she's a crazy lady, not even kidding."


    "Her lover is a Vampire-Werewolf hybrid," I confirmed and Kai's eyes shifted to shock as they narrowed on me. "But don't worry, I'm--"

    "Your neck," Kai replied apathetically. I tried to cover up my neck with my sweatshirt but it was already too late. Kai sat me up and peeled my sweatshirt off of me and touched my neck ever so gracefully. "Your neck is bruised."

    I knew my neck was still hurt but I had forgotten how badly it was bruised. It looked as though somebody painted a purple and black ring around my neck. It still hurt to swallow and it even hurt to talk a little still. Kai cupped one side of my neck and he pressed his mouth and his nose against the other side of my neck and he inhaled.

    "What's wrong?" I whispered.

    "This scent..." he trailed off and inhaled again. "The scent is that of a Succubus."

    My eyebrows burrowed together, "What?"

    "Arisa, did that hunter suffocate you?"

    I pursed my lips together, "Yeah, yesterday. And she hit my head with my gun. Why?"

    "Arisa, she's a Succubus," he pursed his lips as well. "Her scent is all over your neck."

    "But I took a shower," I complained.

    "Scents don't dissipate as easily as you might anticipate," he inhaled the scent on my neck again.

    "So...pretty much, we're dealing with one of almost every creature? All except for an Angel?" it was strange; I had never been associated with a Succubus before; I hardly ever even heard of them.

    Kai nodded, "Somewhat, considering the hunter's lover is a Vampire-Werewolf hybrid,"

    I glanced down and saddened, "Kai...I'm worried about Ai..." I glanced up at him. "You don't suspect anything bad about her, do you?"

    Kai shook his head and smiled weakly, "Just by looking at her, you could tell she wouldn't masticate even a fly,"

    "We need to find her father," I whispered. "Her mother is dead and she hasn't seen her father in over a year; he could still be alive."

    I hadn't realized I was choking on a lump in my throat until Kai held me close to his torso and stroked my hair. I curled up in a ball against him and allowed him to cradle me closely. My face pressed against his neck, feeling guilty for having him come home to such a surprise and guilty for bringing Ai into more danger than she was previously in.

    "Tell me what happened the other day," Kai pulled me back lightly. "Tell me what that hunter did to you."

    "Her name is Mayura and her and Hitoshi--her lover--managed to track Ai and me down. Hitoshi had used the immobility charm on Ai so she couldn't hear the fighting. Mayura had tackled me right outside of the bedroom door and I could have sworn she tried to snap my neck. I was just on the verge of blacking out until I grabbed the lamp and smashed it against her head.

    "I assumed she was unconscious but just as I turned my back, she grabbed my gun and belted my head with it. I was knocked unconscious for about four hours and my head was bleeding a lot." I pressed my hand lightly against the back of my head. "It still hurts."

    "Did they ever come back?"

    I nodded, "They came back last night during the full moon, when Hitoshi was a Werewolf. Mayura actually pissed me off enough for me to hold my gun up to her jaw. I could have sworn Hitoshi was on the verge of eating me but they opted to wait until you came back." I bit my lip.

    Kai glanced down, "I see," he sat for a moment and embraced me tightly. "Oh God, Arisa...and to think, you were almost killed while I was gone..."

    "I'm okay, though," I reassured. "I managed to stand up for myself and protect Ai."

    After another pause, Kai chuckled, "I'm never leaving you alone again,"

    I smiled halfheartedly, "I understand but you can't hang off of me forever,"

    As Kai kept cradling me to his chest, the bedroom door squeaked open and Ai was timidly peeking in. She took a step in and played with her fingers nervously, "May I come in, Nana?"

    "Nana?" Kai looked down at me.

    "She couldn't pronounce my name," I smiled and looked over at Ai. "Yes, you may come in."

    Ai timidly crawled onto the bed and I turned around so my back was facing Kai and I held Ai in my arms. She was trembling a little; why was that? She nuzzled her face in my chest and I could feel Kai's gaze in my back. I looked behind me and smiled at Kai.

    "Isn't she adorable?" I looked down at Ai. "Ai, this is Kai."

    Ai smiled timidly and her cheeks shifted to pink. Kai reached around from behind me for Ai's hand for a friendly introduction. Ai hesitantly reached her tiny hand out and placed it in Kai's large hand and Kai enclosed his hand around Ai's softly.

    "Don't worry, kid, we'll protect you," I could feel Kai's generous smile in his voice. "That's a promise."