• He looked down the hole one more time. Nothing. It was pitch black. All he could see was how big the hole was. But how deep was it? He looked around the destroyed bathroom for something that would break his fall if he decided to jump down. What else could he do? He looked at the door. Chains covered the door and a single padlock to lock them all up. The door wouldn't budged. He thought he could call for help through the window. No matter how loud he was, no one would look his direction. He picked up a pipe, he hit the window over and over- nothing. He turned back to the hole. It was he only chance for survival. He took a deep breath and jumped into the black hole.

    Henry awoke and found himself on an escalator. He got up and walked down the rest of the way down. He was in a subway. He looked back up at the escalator. It didn't go anywhere. There was a brick wall covering the exist. He had to find another way out. He advanced through the subway, soon realizing that this was the subway outside of his apartment. He knew where he could go. But it looked like the subway was destroyed, like his bathroom. There was no one in sight. He felt alone. It has been three days he had been locked in his apartment. He wanted out. Then he heard a woman's scream. He quickly followed the voice screaming for help. He saw a beautiful woman.
    "Well, hello there. My name is Cynthia." She smiled at him.
    "Are you okay? What happened?" Henry looked at her, she didn't look hurt.
    "Oh, I'm fine. What's your name? And how to you end up in my nightmare?"
    "It's Henry. And what do you mean? I jumped down a hole in my apartment and ended up here... Is this a dream?"
    "It seems like we are in Hell to me." Cynthia walked closer to Henry. "Do you think you can help me out of here? I'd greatly appreciate it"
    He didn't say anything. He just nodded. Cynthia trailed behind Henry as they made their way to the trains.
    "Henry, wait a minute. I need to fix my makeup. Be a doll and wait out here for me."
    "Makeup? You need to do that now?" Cynthia walked into the bathroom and left Henry outside by himself. He leaned against the wall. Minutes passed. It seemed like forever. He decided to check up on her. He knocked on the door, opening it slightly. "Cynthia?" He walked in after there was no reply. He looked around. The bathroom was very clean, nothing was out of place. And there was no Cynthia.
    "Henry!" Cynthia's voice came from outside the woman's bathroom. Henry ran, but was too late. He saw Cynthia's dead body on the floor. Blood everywhere. What could have done this? He saw some sort of dog run toward him. There was a shot. The dog fell over. Henry turned around and saw a tall man.
    "Thanks a lot!" Henry said.
    "Don't thank me... I missed." The man slowly walked toward Henry.
    Henry looked at Cynthia's dead body once more before running off to find safety.