• Still lost in thought, Calone retreated to his room the moment he got home. He plopped down on his messy bed and thought about Kaylee.

    Despite what he had said, he actually had recognized her. She was rather like him, he thought suddenly. She had few friends; avoided talking and big crowds if she could, preffered solitude instead; and was in the library often; just like him. He sometimes thought he saw her staring in his direction, but when he looked again, her nose was back in a book. Those times were rather unnerving, but he ignored it.

    But she seemed sorta cool earlier; not like what I've seen at school, thought Calone absentmindedly, scratching his nose.

    Maybe I should talk to her. She doesn't seem like the other people.

    Kaylee's POV

    Great. Just great. She finally got the chance to talk to him, and she blew it. What homework did she have? None! She smacked herself on the forehead, infuriated with herself.

    Now look what you've done! Idiot! He'll never talk to you again! she thought angrily, You've gone and blown your last chance! Too bad Kaylee!

    She ran the rest of the way home, tears of humiliation stinging her eyes. Impatiently, she brushed them away as she approached the front door.

    "I'm home Dad," she said gruffly as she stepped over the threshold.

    "Okay, close the door behind you please, Kaylee," called her dad from the kitchen.

    The aroma of spaghetti wafted tantalizingly in her direction, but Kaylee ignored it; she was simply not in the mood. She tromped upstairs and into her small, but bright bedroom. Sunlight was streaming in through the window, allowing her to see the dust floating around in the stuffy air.

    She strode over to the window and wrenched in open, welcoming the fresh air. She sat down at her desk and made a decision: If Calone did not approach her tomorrow, then (fearful as the thought was) she herself would approach him. She was scared, but if she ever wanted the chance to be his friend, then she would have to suck it up and do it.