• The fire of life

    Date: December 25, year: 2222

    Voice activation begins…
    This Transmission I am making is for all who wish to hear it. Maybe that’s why I’m still alive, to strike fear into the allies hearts.

    As the Olympic torch came into view, I took my running position for the next length. The airport in view blinked with a neon orange glow that sent up a glare in the sky. The airplanes landed and took-off with a roar. The former runner of the Olympics came up to me and said, handing me the Olympic torch “good luck!”
    “Thanks,” I say as I hurry off into the glow to the private jet that will take me to royalists’ capital of Paris. The year is 2222 and I’m the runner for the allies of earth, which consist of Japan, China, and the United states. So I guess it’s time for a history lesson on how the royalists returned. The English cut off there borders in 2150 and for twenty years no one went in or out of the country. Then, they opened there borders in 2170 after twenty years of preparation and invaded Europe, concurred it, then eliminated there resources to confine it to a period of isolation negative rebellion.
    So the US declared war on the royalists along with Japan and china, but they have declared a temporary truce to celebrate the 2222 Olympics. So as the twenty-fifth Olympic runner on the way to Paris, I must get there before 2223. The jet began its take off sequence, as I settled into my seat. I looked out the window as soon as we hit the atmosphere. It was like staring out of a meteor.
    As we entered space, the outpost of the Allies shone brightly over earth, its solar panels shone like a first stage super nova, only 100,000,000,000 times dimmer. Then we began our descent towards Paris. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Royalist pirates attack us as we entered the atmosphere! I felt the first laser hit the hull as auto pilot turned on by its self. The pilot desperately tried to regain control, but it was a feeble attempt. The pirates had hacked into the piloting system, taking control of the direction, which was the water!
    “Release your runner or will run you aground.” They said into our speakers; probably through one of their own microphones. Now when I say microphone, I literally mean Microphone. You see, the ally scientists figured out how to pick up sound from a microscopic level, so that spies could pick up entire meetings of royalist officials from the safety of their airship, two thousand miles away. The royalists gained this technology through a traitor scientist mercenary.
    So as I was saying the people onboard fixed me with a parachute and wishes of good luck. I stepped out of the plane with the torch in hand. The enemy vessel was flying straight below the plane, with its docking bay open to receive me. I jumped, and free fall hit. If you haven’t ever been in free fall, it feels as if your entire body is being carried to a distant place.
    I pressed the button upon the chest pad I was wearing. The parachute burst out of the pack on my back. The pirates stopped so that I could land upon the platform, but also so that they could position themselves correctly so I wouldn’t be hurt too badly.
    As I landed, there thugs surrounded me with electron pulse beams. I began to whip out my proton pistol when a voice from behind me said “don’t bother. You will only kill yourself faster.” I whipped around and saw the captain of this ship I was upon standing there.
    “At least I’ll go down fighting you, you…Urrk!” a man had grabbed me from behind and threw me down upon the deck. My pistol slid off the side of the ship. The crew members laughed hard at my weakness, but the torch still glowed brightly in my hands.
    “So you’re the new Olympic runner huh?” he asked “Weakling,” as he said that he proceeded to planted a kick into my ribs. I groaned at his strength. He spoke up again. “Because the royal kingdom needs you, I won’t kill you. Instead, I’ll merely torture you till we get to Paris.” He turned and marched back into his room, his head thrown back in laughter.

    Date: December 26, year: 2222
    Voice activation begins…

    Their torture is beyond inhumane. I saw it used on many other prisoners. It is a slow, painful process that makes you beg for death. Some of them are old, like the Chinese water torture. Others are more modern, like the proton shrinker. It takes the protons of your DNA and slowly reduces your identity, so slowly that you feel like you’re going to explode in pain. There are more deadly tortures, but I dare not describe them all to you.
    The door opened and in came captain rover brow (the man who kicked me). He grabbed me by the hair and said, “Your time is here my friend, your food will be brought to you two times a week, and torture every day. Understand?”
    “Yah I understand,” I said gritting my teeth together.
    “Good,” he said with a malicious smile “your torture starts tomorrow, until then, feel free to explore the ship, it’ll be the last time you see anything else besides your cell and your torture bed.” And he left me in the middle of the ship.
    I started to go up on deck, only to find the torch held in a palate. I turned around and headed back down the stairs. I went into the captains’ cabin. It was empty as my stomach, which was grumbling loudly. The desk was covered with papers of all sorts. Slave deals, payments, repair bills, and engine fuel. The pen on the desk seemed to date back to 1999.
    Next was the gourmet kitchen for the captain. It seemed that this would have been a luxury liner instead of a pirate ship. The stove came through the wall into the titanium kitchen, gleaming like a star.
    It was getting dark, but I wanted to see the torch one last time, before I had to go back to my cell. As I went up on deck, the Captain was watching the sky. “What did you want to happen sir?” he asked me as he heard me try to creep down the stairs. “I’m sure you expected this to be a rundown old ship that worked for the royalists, but you’re wrong. I work as a mercenary for the pirates’ society, working for the governments of the world.”
    “Why then, did you capture me?” I inquired confused. “Why risk being hunted down by the allies and killed with the most horrible ways possible?”
    “Money is a tool known to man as the tempter of the devil,” he said with a sad gleam in his eye. “Its evil can wrap its way around any mans heart, twisting it in ways you never imagined. It can make you kill the most valuable person in your life, or make you kill your self for them. It is the saddest thing in the world to be tempted by money.”
    “Unfortunately, I fell to it from the royalists. They said to kill your son. So I did.”
    I looked up at the starry night and said “we arrive tomorrow don’t we?”
    “Yes,” he said, then maintained an eerie silence.

    Date: December27 year: 2222
    Transmission begins

    My time in the prison of the royalists is almost over. They wanted the jewel that resided within the torch