• Noah October watched as the April rain shower poured fairly over Leighton Mills, the spring flowers flourishing in the mid sunlight. She walked out to her white granite victorian terrace, her small fragile hands grazed the cold, smooth surface of the railing. Noah realized her best friend Revi Sparrow lean casually against the oak tree below her with a small smile.
    "What took you so long Noah?" she asked smoothly, her black hair in place perfectly even as the light breeze blew it.
    "Revi. what are-"
    "The Collected, they are on their way here." she hissed, her red eyes glinting a faint, unatural light.
    Noah whispered a few swear words inaudibly and rushed back into her bedroom. She hated this part to her life. The collected was a society of thieving, manipulative hags that hungered the powers that kids like Revi and Noah held. She stashed important items into her black mesh bag, her knuckles white from her clenched fists.
    "C'mon October." a different voice barked. Noah froze.
    "Turn around Noah," he said seductively.
    Noah slowly turned to see him in the corner of her bedroom, both of her terrace doors closed so little sunlight was there.
    "suprised?" he smiled.
    Noah felt her heart beat shift into overdrive as he slowly made his way to her,
    his smoky crimson eyes giving her chills.
    "J-josiah," she stammered, watching his eyes look her up and down.
    "You missed me?" he cackled, wrapping his arms around her.
    A deafening explosion erupted from downstairs, the force almost sending the door straight for Noah.
    "Noah!' Josiah called,whipping Noah around to stand behind him.
    The door shattered into shards of wood before it could touch them, one of Josiah's many abilities..
    along with being a vampire.......