• tab "The uniform is in the back room." Alex said as he was cleaning the shop. Somehow he owned a shop. I mean he's just I believe 17 years-old. But he was also a vampire for just a couple of weeks or days. I didn't listen to him well, I was making sure he wouldn't run away. I went to the back room and found a dress. The dress was black with red ribbons on the front, shoulders and around the bottom. The dress wasn't long but it seem short for me.
    "Are you serious that you want me to wear this?" I yelled to him from the back room.
    "Well, duh! My shop is not just a shop. It's also a cafe." he said but he sounded too close. I turned my head a bit and he was standing right behind me. I didn't react but glared at him.
    "I am not gonna wear that!" I protested.
    He smiled. "Ok then. You'll have to get out of here."
    I wanted to wipe that smile off his face.
    "Fine." I grabbed the dress. "Where can I go and change to this thing?" I asked.
    "In the bathroom." he replied and went back to the front of the store.
    ~5 minutes later~
    "Yuna, you done changing? I need to tell you which table is which and other things for the cafe." I heard him.
    "I don't want to. I look funny in this thing." I peeked my head out through the door.
    "C'mon. We're going to open in 15 minutes. Or do I have to drag you out?"
    I stepped out and looked down with embrassment. The dress went above my knees and fitted perfectly. There was also ribbon on my both sides of my head. The shoes were black and the leggings were red. I looked up and he was staring at me.
    "You...um...The dress looks good on you." he said. "Now come over here."
    I marched over to him and stood next to him. He grabbed my shoulders and spun me around until I wasn't facing him.
    "What are-"
    "Hold still." he ordered. I did and heard two times of a ripping noise.
    "What happen!!?" I asked.
    "Let your wings out."
    "Just let your wings out!!" he demanded.
    I did and stepped foward so I had space to unfold them. My wings hit something.
    "Hey, watch it." Alex mumbled. I guess I hit him on the jaw.
    "My bad." I said and grined. I turned around to face him and he started to explain to me about my station. I nodded and answered "ok" to everything he was telling me.
    "Ok. If need me I'll be in the register over there by the back room." he told me and started to head over there. I noticed that he wasn't wearing a uniform. Just regular clothing.
    "How come I have to wear this and you can wear regular clothes?" I questioned.
    He turned his head a bit and smirks. "Cuz I thougt you'll look cute in that for this part of the shop." he said and walked off.
    I felt my cheeks blush and shook my head. 'I only have to deal with him for a year. Just a year.'
    tab A couple hours later, the shop was filled with people. Somewhere just humans and others were vampire, werewolves, pixies and other creatures. It went pretty smoothly for me until a vampire and werewolf started shouting at each other.
    "You f***ing bump into me!!" the boy vampire yelled and I could see his veins on his neck.
    "I didn't!! You just image it, stupid vampiro!!" the boy werewolf growled. My guess he was speaking spanish. The vampire punched the wolf and landed on a table. Some people backed off and others were shouting to see a fight.
    "Now it's on!!" the werewolf said and tackled the vamp. I jumped over the counter and ran towards them. The vamp was going to punch the wolf again and took the hit. The punch hit my nose. I stubble a bit but regain my balance with the help of my wings.
    "Enough!!" I yelled and looked up. The vampire and werewolf face was filled with shock. I held in the pain and glared at them.
    "If you two are going to fight. I suggest you two take outside." I growled at them, "Or I would gladly finish the fight for you guys."