• World’s End: Night six
    It started then…. Dhark had finally found his purpose in a war between “Hunters”, or bio-engineered human used to fight behind the scenes as assassins or just for gorilla war-fare, and the Trinity, a select group of vampires (or other supernatural beings) used to defend the supernatural. So now Dhark has made up a squad with three other vampires, Will, Maddie, and the latest Grand-General Fox. This is their first mission together….
    “So…..Fox what’s our first mission anyway”, Dhark asks quietly.
    “We’re tracking down an ancient renegade general who left the Trinity because we were “soft” apparently”, Fox replied. “So we’re chasing some old fart who thinks he’s all that and cup of pudding?”
    Fox and Will share confused look and think, “p-pudding.” Maddie continues to stay quiet and walk with the group, recording everything they say and do, when Fox looks back and whispers, “Did you record everything?” Maddie looks at him shocked as if he’d read her mind.
    The group then walks out of the entrance of the Trinity, but they end up in room filled with stairs, but they moved. “Dhark….this is your first time here so just stay close to us”, Fox mumbles and Dhark nods. They soon find themselves going up flight 10121210, and when they reach the top they see a painting several noble looking people that seem like they belong in history books, but he had never heard of any of them. “I guess I should tell you a little of our history and culture before we head out”, Fox says.
    “Vampires were fully developed during the Scientific Revolution, when a mad scientist tried to mix human DNA with specific……well anti-human things, like animals or trees even crap. Anyway one day the scientist mixed bat, human, wolf, and other DNA to find a small unearthly looking creature. The creature was faster, stronger, could smell better, hear better, and had 30/30 vision, so the scientist decided to study the creature and eventually he…….thought of it as a son. So following his scientific instincts he took tests on it in secret, as if not to anger the creature.”
    “After three months of never ending research and development the creature began to take on more human qualities then its other traits. The scientist then decided since this one specimen could turn into a human…then maybe if he made more of the same caliber he could create himself….a family….or even his own empire, and above it all…he would be Emperor.”
    “And from the way this is going you can probably think of the next word to describe his new “hobby”. He eventually became obsessed and created hundreds of specimens similar to the first one. By now the scientist had become an old man and was nearing his end…..so he decided to transfer his mind to one of his subjects.”
    “The subject he inserted his mind into had followed his intentions perfectly, and his plan was going smoothly, but when his town had discovered that he was making in-breed monsters they decided to take care of him. The scientist soon learned of the town’s intentions and decided to flee to France with only ten of his subjects, so when he left the village burned down all his research and all his belongings. So, then eventually the French Revolution came and someone had learned of the scientist again, but had no “bad” intentions. The man you may know was also trying to make his own empire, his name was Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon seeked out the scientist to help him in hopes of helping him reach his goal.”
    “A few months after their partnership Napoleon sent the scientist and his fully developed soldiers to Russia to research the weather patterns and their battle strategies. After their arrival the scientist began to fall in love with the country so he sent Napoleon fake calculations, and eventually Napoleon’s dream shattered like broken glass.”
    “But this isn’t the end of the scientist’s tale, the Russian military finds out he was partners with Napoleon and they decide to plan an execution, and the scientist dies.”
    “Now listen here, this is important the test subjects since then had begun to be educated by Russian scholars and had formed their own culture, and acted as nation-state, but Russia had tracked them down, and eventually was backed into Great Britain during the time of the Industrial Revolution, and they became more human-like. The cult had to have a leader of some sort, so they decided to elect the eldest member.”
    “Their newly elected official went by the name Tousaint O’liover and expected to make this cult the top of the world. Eventually, Tousaint died of old age, and the cult had spread throughout the world and they had liable sources of information in every part of the world. Some members had changed to fit their environment and were no longer considered members of the cult.”
    “With all the new in breeds roaming around the world the cult decided to make a pact with whoever ruled their region, and some breeds teamed up into groups and reigned war against each other, this war called “El Diablo La Guerra”, the Devil’s War. Now known as the Civil War, and World War I and II.”
    “So everything you know to be true is all a lie made up when the truce between humans and the supernatural had agreed on so that the supernatural could remain in secret.”

    Dhark looks at Fox in astonishment, his ancestors were created in lab and his entire life was a lie and now he knew something he had never truly heard….. the truth.

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