• Chapter 5
    The next few weeks went by slowly for Sierra, and without word from any of the wolf pack, as Sierra inwardly refered to them as. Kirstine didn’t attend school, no wolves appeared at the house, no strange creatures appeared on her window like she kept expectig them to. Her grades stayed the same, school was as boring as ever.
    So she spent the time perfecting and speeding up her time stopping to where she could freeze the world in a split second, a moments notice. She would practice stopping time, walking around and standing in the exact same place in the exact same possition, then letting the world go. She started out in simple possitions, then graduated to more normal, challenging possitions. She would exercise her brain and try to hold time still for as long as she could. Her record was approxametly twenty-five minutes.
    Then she moved on to experimenting with her talent. After playing around for a while, she realized that by letting warmth spread throughout another being or object, that thing could be played, and only the things that she was currently touching. Within a week though, Sierra was able to play five things at a time without touching them.
    Sierra considered herself an almost-master of her talent.
    Near the end of the second boring week, Sierra realized something. Didn’t Reily, Molly, and Kirstine –er, Leigha- each morph? They each were special. She was special,also. So…..was it possible? Could Sierra morph, too? It wouldn’t hurt to try.
    She closed her eyes and concentrated. She decided to use the same method she used to learn to stop time. She pictured a wolf in her head. Actually, it was only a siloet of a wolf, because Sierra didn’t know what her wolf would look like.
    She was about to find out.
    Suddenly, Sierra felt a suddel itching all over her skin. She scratched herself with a paw as she saw her snout and small black nose, and her sense of smell and hearing, plus a sixth sense she couldn’t name, grew incredibly sharper. Wait, paw?! Snout?!
    Her ears moved up her head, a tail sprouted from her tailbone area. White and gray splotchy fur covered her body. She suddenly fell to all fours. Her clothes became a neat pile beside her.
    To another watching, all of this would have happened in the blink of n eye.
    Way cool! Thought Sierra. I wonder if I can stop time while in this form. And she could. She experimented with different forms and with her new abbilities. When she started getting bored, she decided to try out telepathy and see how far it could reach.
    In the back of her mind, Sierra felt something probing her in the back of her mind. She focused on that and realized they were words. She concentrated until she could just make them out.
    |What is it?| was the distant reply.
    |Come here!|
    |’Kay.| Within five minutes, there she was.
    The two wolves faced each other. Sierra stook still as Kirstine’s scent wafted up her nose. It was an interesting scent, one that reminded her of summer and maples.
    Kirstine circled Sierra. She innspected her. She observed the facial shapes, fur colors, eye colors, even scent. She noted paw shape, tail movements, and posture. She didn’t know what to expect out of Sierra’s wolf morph, but this was way more than she had expected, more than she had thought Sierra could learn that quickly.
    |Change back| Kirstine demanded.
    |Did I do something wrong?|
    |Yes. You’re too perfect.| The two demorphed in a flash of light.
    “This is insane. Oh my gosh, this is insane,” muttered Kirstine as she paced the room. “You’re not supposed to know this stuff!”
    “You figured it out. You didn’t even know it was possible,” defended Sierra.
    “I….I’m…..I’m different. I’m what they call terricious.” It’s a weird word.”
    “What’s that mean?”
    “I’m not human. At least I wasn’t human. I am now. I think. You never really know.”
    There was an akward moment, until Sierra spoke up. “So…..you really were and elf?”
    This made Kirstine laugh. “No I wasn’t and elf. I’m a terrician.”
    “And that would be…..?”
    “Um, I guess a good way to explain it is that I was a creature. A terrician. I don’t really know much about that stage in my life. I do know what I looked like, though.”
    “Must I really ask?”
    “Um, yeah. Okay. Here goes.”
    The familiar flash. Kirstine was shorter and thinner. Here skin was darker, sort of a browner, redder color. Large spots appeared down the outside of her arm, the tops of her thys, and her forhead, the spots being light brown. Her ears became only slightly pointier. Her dark brown hair became redder, only a little browner than her skin. Her face became cat-like, her nose like a cat’s but bigger, and she almost had a snout.
    “Oh. Wow.” Said Sierra. “That’s…………wow.”
    “Yeah. So, should I finish my story in this form?”
    “I..I guess so. Whatever makes you comfertable.”
    “Okay then. So, I pretty much lived a half a life, I think, I’m sure, like this. But then the great power of the universe, or so I’m told, took me from my planet, telling me he wanted me to take up life in a different form. I was born here like a normal child, and, well, hi. I didn’t know or remember a thing untill I joined our little group. Hey, you know what I just realized?”
    “No, sorry. I stop time, not read minds.”
    “You’ve had a lot of lecturing. A lot of stories, too. Huh.”
    Sierra rolled her eyes. “Uh, yeah.” A pause. “Awkward silence,” Sierra whispered. That got the girls laughing. “Okay, well, you should probably leave before my mom comes up here and freaks.”
    “See ya later!” With that, Kirstine, in her weird form, jumped out the window and levitated away.