• The circus! A child's wonderland! There's something about clowns, tightrope walkers, and lion tamers that give children a joyful thrill.

    One morning, in the newspaper, there was an article about a haunted circus act coming to town. It was half price since the circus was retiring later this year; after there final tour. Anyways, my parents decided that this was a great price so they called to reserve three tickets; without asking if I even wanted to go...

    On that Friday afternoon, after buying our tickets from the ticket booth, after waiting at the concession stands for popcorn and cotton candy, we entered the red and white, horizontally-striped circus tent. It was pretty average sized for a circus, but for camping, it would've been huge. When we got inside, the president of the circus, Nutty Kringlerson Jr the Third, was ushering out some puking, crying audience members from the last showing. I guess this actually was scary.

    Five minutes later, I was bawling and yelling at my parents to let me leave. They called for a volunteer, and pointed for me to come down. I was scared.

    They said, "Congratulations! You've won a backstage tour."

    This is when they took me to a little room and locked the door.

    I tried to call and yell, but nothing worked. I didn't get it, why was I there?

    Soon after, a horrifying, eye-slitted clown came in took a blade to my throat, and...