• I started hyperventilating and threw myself out of the car straight into the icy cold air. I scanned around quickly to make sure no one saw my embarrassing display, yanked my hood up and stomped up the small stone path towards the office, damn boots.
    Inside; was chilly, small and simple. A little waiting area with one couch and a chair; the standard green carpet with grey flecks and white wash walls. Awards and certificates plastered all the walls and a huge clock ticking loudly was suspended over an aquarium that was taking up the whole back wall. To the left the wall was cut in half to reveal another room on the other side. There was two women sitting behind the desk, one with short white wire hair and thick rim glasses, both of them wearing a casual flimsy green polo-shirt with the school logo, immediately making me feel over dressed.
    The counter was cluttered with coffee mugs, snack rappers and multi-coloured papers stacked in wire baskets.The white haired woman looked up.
    "Can I help you dear?"
    "Im Zofia Berry." I informed her, and saw the immediate awareness to her face, either from the strange name; or recognition. Daughter of the most important man in towns - child bride - ex-wife. Yay...
    "Of course you are dear. You look so much like your father." She smiled then dived into a random pile on the counter until she found the ones she must have been looking for.