• Chapter 1.

    "Hello. You must be tired." A voice called out, echoing in the small white room.

    I got up, startled by the disturbance. Those filthy followers...how could they do this to Earth? Their catlike eyes darted back and fourth, but the human skin they stole hid their true natural skin. The scaly mush that itched like crazy.

    "You will never succeed in your plan!" I hissed at the voice.

    I heard laughter, then a pause. No answer. I sat back in the chair, believing I had won a small battle of my own. Me 1. Followers 0. It felt strangely comforting to me as I sat about, thinking of what had happened.

    "Oh, but we already have." The voice whispered out slowly, taunting me. Okay... Me 0. Followers 1. That crushed my confidence then and there.

    I clenched my fists and concentrated on making a fire in the room. Soon I began to get a headache, and I knew they were doing it.

    I heard a sigh, like the unwelcome was bored with me. "It's no use trying to use your powers. This room has been isolated."

    I glared around, looking for the unwelcome. Then three of them walked in. Their skin was cold and hard. Their eyes were catlike, shining a deep teal, almost blinding.

    "I see you have shed your 'skin' for a while." I sniffed, putting my head up high.

    They had no answer, and I smiled mischievously to myself. Me 1. Followers 1. They looked around uncomfortably, as if someone was watching them.

    "Oh, your waiting for your instructions?" I laughed. These followers were obviously newcomers. One of them widened her eyes and glared at me. I rolled my eyes.

    "This small white room will not hold me. You cannot hold in the fallen. We will rise. We will rise and destroy you!" I yelled at them, my eyes darkening to a dark red.

    One of them jumped back awkwardly. I laughed again, enjoying the embarrassment of these followers.

    My eyes shined red with anticipation. Wanting a fight so bad, it was unbearable. I was one that was incredibly addicted to fighting, until my blood streams couldn't stand not having adrenaline pumping through them.

    They called me a 'fight-junkie'. But every time I heard that, I laughed at them. I wouldn't be brought down because of a little name-calling. I was sure there would be some fists flying soon, and that brought me a bit more hyper then usual.

    "The fallen will stay fallen. And you will fall into the dark...forever." One of the men said, stepping forward with a slash of courage. I winced at that. Ouch. That hurt. Me 1. Followers 2.

    You never would have understood this as a regular human being. But as a B.O.T.T, anything could be possible.

    A sharp ringing echoed in the room, making the followers step back as a huge bulky figure stepped forward. I awed at it. I blinked twice, not sure if it was true that I was seeing this. The thing that had just walked in was a tracker. These things shouldn't exist still.

    Reality snapped back into place. "Oh, that's your plan? Having one little tracker against hundreds of the fallen? Oh, that's just grand." I laughed. The tracker's red lights scanned me, then morphed into me. It was like looking into a mirror.

    It impressed me that they even found one. "Ooh, he can shape-shift?" I giggled a bit.

    The voice clicked back on fast and harsh, "He can copy himself exactly and make millions."

    It was then that I knew. I knew that this world, this 'Earth', would be coming to an end. And every organism on it would be coming down with it.