• Story One: Beauty

    Love ya, bye.

    Oh, being Will Christopher's girlfriend is heaven. He may be a little shy, he won't say I love you very often, and he's too innocent to mess around but...that's what I like about him.
    I've liked him since the thrid grade, and I've finally caught him for myself.
    Oh, by the way, my name is Dayla, I am in the tenth grade, I am currently dating William, and we are in love. heart
    As I was walking over to Will's house to have a unplanned study date, I thought about something weird, Why he avoid me at school?
    Oh well, maybe because he's a little embarrased, nothing too much to worry about.
    I spied a boy around my age, leaning against the brick wall behind the school, he had blond hair, (Like Will!) and brown eyes, (Like me!), the softly sculpted nose like Will, and a delicately formed chin, just like mine. If Will and I were to have a child, they'd look just like that boy.
    I walked past nonchalantly, no need to embarrass myself. When I approached Will's house there he was, walking across the road towards the convenience mart.
    I closely followed, except on the opposite side of the road. When he went into the mart, and after he came out, I waited patiently for him to cross. But I couldn't believe, just couldn't believe, that he had another girl on his arm! My best friend, Lucy Kaine. When they saw me, they looked like they were seeing something so terrifyingly disgusting that they took a step back, right into the path of a chevy pickup.


    I woke up, why does this day keep repeating? I've tried to save Will so many times, just so many. I've seen him die so many times it's become imprinted in my memory forever. The horrified look he had on his face, the scream when he got hit... the way he shielded her.
    Again I went through the same routine, except I change one thing, I talked to the boy leaning against the wall.
    "Hello, why do you stay here? Isn't there some friends you could hang out with?"
    He shook his head, and said, "I need to save my father and mother" Yet no explanation, no clarification of his motive or circumstances.
    "From who?" I asked sympathetically.
    He sighed, and scratched his head,"From his mistress, because of her, Mom and him might get a divorce, she's even threatening their lives."
    I shook my head, I hate people like that, I mean, I could understand, that is if Will was with another girl. Which he is.

    I kept going through the same thing, trying again and again to save Will. But this time, each time, I would have a short conversation with the boy leaning on the wall. Apparently his name is Jake, and he's from the future. He's tried to convince me Will's his father, but, that would mean I was his mother!
    His mother... I hope so. It would mean I would marry Will in the future!
    Another conversation with Jake, "How do you save your father?"
    He scratched his head like he does every conversation, "I need to kill his mistress."
    This time, I scratched my head, "Isn't killing illegal in the future?"
    He laughed like this was a common question,"No, not if the target wants to die, then it's considered suicide."
    He blinked, and said, "Are you sure you don't want the mistress to die? She will break mom and dad up if we don't stop her."
    Even now, when I know all of these things, he won't admit that i'm his mom. How stubborn.
    I thought about how we might get divorced in the future, Will and I. I don't want to lose him, not now, not then, not ever.
    I thought about how he only held my hand, and only kissed me on the cheek, and how he shook when doing it, he loves me so much, he's nervous when he's around me! Such a sweety.
    Then I thought about her, Lucy. Going off behind my back, trying to steal my innocent Will, how dare she.
    I grinded my teeth and yelled, "KILL HER! Send her to hell!"
    He grinned and said, "As you wish."
    And the world went black, my imaginary world.

    "Will is it alright? Will she catch you?"

    "It's alright Lucy. If I just keep doing what she says, she won't hurt you."

    "But Will, she's crazy! She completely ignored our attempts to make her see the truth!"

    "Lucy, it will all be alright. I'll just go along with her, but don't worry, I won't go farther then a peck on the cheek. I'm afraid of her, Lucy, but I'll do anything to save you, anything.