• In a city next to the beach there lived a girl called Brodie and she had a kitten called "Kitty".
    All brodie wanted was a cat that was..well..something more that just an ordinary cat. Brodie wanted HER cat to be special, so she would have something to say to all the other girls at school. Then she wouldn't have to listen to them talking about their smart fish or a Dog that can count to 100 in 30seconds.

    Brodie then went to feed Kitty her Kitten food...but when Brodie called her name Kitty did not come. Brodie saw Kitty look at her and the leap up onto the fence and jump down into her park next door. Brodie suspiciously went and had a look at what Kitty was doing, so Brodie raced over into the park next door and quietly watched what kitty was doing. Brodie hid behind a tree so Kitty could not see her.

    Kitty looked around to see if anyone was watching her. When she finished looking she then looked down at the ground and then pulled out a Boom box out of no where and pressed play. Kitty then started to do Hip-hop (lol). Brodie was so amazed that she could no longer speak. When Kitty had finished her Hip-hop he jumped up and clapped her hands. Then she stopped the music and the the Boom box disappeared into no where and then Kitty ran up to the fence lept over it and then ran back inside. Brodie went back home and told her Mother what she had seen. Her Mother thought that Brodie was just making it all up and said to her " Kitty must be quite the Hip-hop dancer".
    Brodie laughed and then looked back at her Mother. Her Mother said "Stop making up all of this noncence and grow up!".
    Brodie did not answer. She then walked over to the couch and sat next to Kitty. Brodie whispered to Kitty, "I saw you doing Hip-hop in the park Kitty"
    Kitty simpily smiled and said back " And you though I was just an ordinary cat"
    Brodie gasped and thought did Kitty really just say that or is it just me?