• She sat there in shock for a moment. Then reality kicked in. She had to get a first aid kit before either of her parents saw all the blood. She ran to the bathroom, making sure not to make to much noise in case her mom or dad wondered what she was doing. Looking through the medicine cabinet she found the first aid kit. Looking through it she found a roll of bandage tape and some rubbing alcohol. She began pouring the alcohol into her wound, hissing as it stung. Breathing in deeply to keep from crying, she began to roll the bandage around her arm. She rolled up her sleeve and checked to see whether it was noticeable. Once she was sure it was fine, she came out of the bathroom.
    How is this possible? Things that are in dreams are supposed to stay in dreams. She looked up and noticed her mother coming out of her room. "Hey mom," she said trying to keep her panic off her face.
    "Hello darling," her mother said sleepily. Her mom yawned. Terra noticed how old her mother was looking. She had seen photos of her mom when she was younger. She had looked stunning with her reddish hair, golden skin, and her green eyes. Her mother had often told her that the boys used to go wild over her. Now she looked aged, more frail, and her hair now had streaks of gray in it. But somehow, Terra thought, she looks more experienced.
    "What should I make for breakfast," her mother asked, finally coming out of her sleepy state.
    "Anything would be fine," Terra replied. She again thought of her mother. She was very good at taking care of people. Terra had always wanted to be more like her, and not just in looks. She already looked like her with her red hair and green eyes. Her skin was less golden and more brown, but that was her fathers traits. She wished she had her mothers knack for saying exactly the right thing. What Terra said mostly just made things worse and embarrassed her.
    "I am making pancakes, is that all right?"
    "That would be great mom." She thought about what she wanted to do today. "would it be all right if I took a walk after breakfast?"
    "Yes, of course you can honey."
    She finished her breakfast quickly and went for a walk. Thoughts twirled in her head. Why did that dream seem so real, she asked herself. She looked up and saw she had wandered into the woods near her house. She kept walking stopping when she saw animal tracks. They looked fresh. She heard rustling in the bush next to her. Something was coming.