Ian ran to me as I was barreling towards him, and he caught me up in a huge bear hug, and then smothered my cry of relief with a kiss. Finally, I was back with him. Had it only been a day or two? Oh who cared anymore! I relaxed in his arms, and then felt him tense. I looked up at him, and he was staring at Tom. Oh great.
    I turned around to face Tom, to thank him for this hospitality, but he was staring at Ian. Okay, so that was an understatement. They were glaring at each other.
    “Thank you for keeping my Molly safe,” Ian spit thru his teeth. What was wrong with him? Tom smirked.
    “No problem, although you may want to watch her, she’s a little feisty,” he said, and my jaw dropped. He wouldn’t. Just as I thought he would bring it up, he looked in my eyes, and saw something that scared him silly, so he shut his mouth and nodded, heading back inside.
    “Ian, it will take them a while to recuperate, I think I killed a lot of people,” I said quietly. I began to shake, like a guitar string that had been pulled to tightly, threatening to snap. Ian put his arm around me and held me to his chest.
    “I know, which gives us time to rest and hide,” he said, and began pulling me toward the metro bus, which had, mysteriously, waited for us. As we boarded, I looked at the passengers, and grew puzzled. They were all our age, and there were about 10 of them, and some looked as if they were related to each other.
    Ian squeezed my hand, as if trying to convey something I wasn’t catching. Then, just as the doors on the bus hissed closed, the boy sitting nearest me looked straight into my eyes. They were black, completely black. You couldn’t tell the difference between the pupil and the iris. I flinched back, startled, and immediately, my eyes traveled to the girl sitting beside him, who seemed to be his twin. Her eyes flickered to mine, widening as she took in my blue eyes just as I was bewildered to find out what hers were pure gold. They shined, bright and pure. What was this?
    I looked at the rest, and fell into the seat next to me. The darkness closing in on me, my last thought was; He found more. And then the darkness took me away.