• Pigsty

    Piggy was in her room one day playing on her bed when her mom came in.
    "Do you have your home work done?" she asked.
    "yeah." piggy replied.
    "May I see it then?" her mother asked as she took a small step into the messy room.
    "Ummm... it's here somewhere, but I think my room ate It." piggy said to her mom.
    "Well you better get cleaning this room until you find it because until you do, you don't get any dinner. And plus a pigsty looks better that this room and we are pigs!" her mom exclaimed.
    Piggy cleaned her room until it was spotless but she never did find her home work because her room did really eat it.

    Moral: don't let your room get so hungry that it eats your homework; feed it socks.