• One million years.
    It has taken me one million years to fall in love, but now that my life is almost over I have found it. Zak is so kind to me, but he's not going to have me for very long.
    "Idria?" Zak asked.
    I turned, and saw his brown eyes so dark almost black. Tears fell out of my own crystal blue eyes.
    "Are you okay, love?" his strong arms wrap around me.
    "I am leaving soon." Very soon. I have just a few minutes until midnight.
    "How soon?" he asked, understanding.
    "A moment . . . . Now." blood leaked from my eyes.
    "I love you." he whispered.
    "I love you too." this was how my curse was. I would live for a million years hating my fate, until about to die. I hurt a sorcerer, and now I was facing my fate.
    Blood dripped over my lips, dripping from my eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. I soon collapsed, but he held to me fast.
    "Goodbye," I whispered once, blood bubbling.
    "I promise I'll see you again, and we'll never be apart."
    A gurgle came up out of my throat rushing more blood from my throat, and I died.

    Present time:

    Zak stands at my grave drinking himself to death. I hate him for that.
    He reaches the golden gates, and sees me. "Idria!" he yells.
    "How dare you?" i ask.
    "Huh?" he asks.
    "Your life was one gift I had too much of, and you disgraced me by taking it away!" i yell.
    "I wanted to see you."
    "Souls who take their own lives go to Hell. So take a good look." i whisper.
    "What? No!" he yells as he starts to fade. "I love you! I promised!"
    "Keep your eyes on the target." i murmur.
    "Please don't make me go!!!!" he screams. "I don't wan--" he's gone.
    "Promises are made to be broken." one tear as blue as my eyes falls as I cry over his lost soul.