• Chapter 1
    The Wolf Pack

    The Moon shined down upon three figures leaping between trees heading towards a looming shadow in the distance. The shadow was the outer wall defense for the Jinong kingdom. The three figures had one motive, to infiltrate the wall take down the defense to secure a route by the other forces behind them. It was a mission that the elder thought would only be successful with his three trusty and strongest fighters.

    Quickly the tallest figure leapt down behind a massive man. He was holding a spear looking the other way; he did not even see the glint of metal slice his throat. Quickly before the Jinong fell, the figure leapt forward killing another sentry as the two other figures were advancing through the trees from above. In a flash the three moved in a three way split. The tallest going up the middle, the broadest going left and the most petite one going right. Each had a target, watchtowers on the middle, left, and right side of the wall.

    The tallest figure leapt up the wall his feet barely even touching the wall’s side. He quickly ran down the wall as silent as the night itself. Quickly he found his destination and he crouched down as he looked about trying to see. Finally, movement caught his eyes as he saw the hidden watchers. With a quick movement, the figure drew his sword and in a flash was on the watchers. In seconds, their blood flowed from their necks as the glint of metal flashed through the night.

    Swiftly the figure drew a torch and lit it. He threw it on the tower and he jumped leaping into the forest. Quickly without hesitation he began running as his feet touched ground. He looked to the north and south to see the other watchtowers in flame. The figure smiled, as he knew his two friends and comrades had completed their mission as well. Quickly, faster than before. The figure began running to his home base. He had a reward to get, and he had to tell the elder the news of his complete win.

    Instantly the figure stopped as he stared at a shadow figure staring back at him. Five other Jins surrounded the Jinong. One had a scepter, marking him a wizard. The rest had spears, which made the Guanyin smirk. It meaned that he could out moves those spears and get to the Jins themselves.

    “Do you really think it is just that easy to kill off a whole defense line?” Spoke the Jin slowly.

    “Actually, I did. It’s still going to be easy.” Spoke the Guanyin his voice quivering with anticipation of fighting them all at once.

    “You cocky b*****d! Die!” The Jin exploded in rage as he recognized the anticipation in the Guanyin. Quickly the Guan jumped to the side and drew his sword, dodging a spear thrust and a blast shot from the wiz. Quickly drawing his Ki forth, he threw a ball at the wiz hitting a direct hit blasting him backwards, but the Guan did not have time to celebrate, four Spears thrusted at him at the same time trying to turn him into Swiss cheese. The Guan jumped backwards doing a flip in the air as he landed on a tree. Quickly without pause he leaped forward right at the Jins. He landed on one’s shoulders quickly slicing his head off. Another leap to the air brought a few spears to the air as the Jins desperately tried to catch the Guan. In seconds, another head flew in the air as the Guan leapt from shoulders to shoulder. Till only the commander was left.

    “ARGH! You bunny hopping b*****d!” The Jin roared in both humility and shame as a single person was defeating a squad of five alone.

    “You should learn who you face before you try and kill them. My name…” The Guan smirked under his mask as he appeared instantly behind the Jin. “Is Vergil. Leader of Wolves.” The Jin stared into the forest not speaking as blood began to trickle down his face, his vision began to blur and darken as he fell backwards, half his face falling to the other side.

    As Vergil watched the Jin fall, he heard rustle of leaves. Quickly he turned around gathered Ki and shot it at the disturbance in the leaves. As it neared its target, quickly it was reflected off into the night sky.

    “Now now Vergil, no need to be mean. After all I’m not that bad of company now am I?” A figure dressing identical to Vergil dropped to the ground and quickly took off the mask he always wore. It was red, black around the eyes. It was his trademark. Everyone in Wolves called him Mask.

    “Lokean.” Vergil sighed as he sheathed his sword. “You know, one of these days you’re going to be killed. Someone with stronger Ki is going to hit you.”

    “When that happens, I’ll be sure to give them a high five.” Lokean snickered as he looked around at the carnage. “Gah. I missed the fun too. You know you were supposed to leave some for me.”

    “Sorry. I forgot to ask for a doggy bag.” Vergil spoke back sarcastically as he began walking away. “And if you don’t hurry up, Elder is going to scold you yet again.” Vergil spoke as he raced off into the night back at main camp.

    “Shesh. A guy can’t have fun now a day. Wait…Vergin….uhhh, where are you? Vergin? Ah, s**t! He ran off without me again.” Lokean swore as he began running towards main camp as well.

    About ten miles south laid a huge camp. It stretched for a mile. The camp was divided into different sections, for each clan. In the far northeast corner lays, the clan that was most respected. Wolves, created by Vergil, one of the strongest Guanyin’s to fight in the world. Even the Elder feared him, thus he gave him permission to make a clan. Wolves held only a few members in its house. Lokean the Mask, Moonfire, Syn, Forte, Vergil, and their youngest member Holy. Each member was strong in some sense. Lokean in his sense of justice and loyalty. He never backed down from a fight. He would fight for the name of Guanyin until his death. Moonfire, her brave strong spirit guided every Wolf to their victory. Syn destroyed any target you gave her, in time at least. Forte was the Wolves moneyman really. He financed them, but when it came to the battlefield, he took on a completely different style. Like Lokean and Moonfire, he never backed down and his spirit was strong. He tore the battlefield asunder with his battle cry. Holy was their newest addition. He was Lokean’s younger brother. Trained mostly in Ki, he fights hand to hand over powering his opponent with speed.

    Wolves worked the worst of the missions, sometimes a few would go, sometimes all. The other Guanyin’s strived to be in Wolves, since their banner meant destruction and power. Even on this night, it still waved. The mission was given to three Wolves. Lokean the Mask, Moonfire, and Vergil. Syn hated not being able to travel with Vergil. She had a somewhat crush on him. Vergil showed the same feeling towards Syn, making a love connection of sorts. Yet the law of the battle came to Vergil first above all else. Still, they found times to get together, just the two of them. It sicken Lokean really. He hated how Vergil had someone before him. Lokean had tried so many times on other people but failed. It was the one thing he just could not pull over Vergil. Lokean could beat Vergil on Ki, sword, and blade at times, but winning a women’s heart eluded Lokean. He much didn’t care at times. He had future battles to worry. Like his father before him, Lokean strived to rip apart each battle with his own hand.

    On this night, Lokean didn’t get much action. His route was empty except a few scouts who didn’t put up much of a fight, so with a bored heavy heart Lokean reported back to the elder and walked back to his tent. He was scolded by the elder, like always. It didn’t matter much, since it happened all the time, yet it always felt to Lokean that he just could not win the affection of the elder as Vergil did, even if it was in fear.

    As Lokean walked, back to his tent, he stared, up at the night sky and stared at the stars. Strange thing, walking and not looking where you go. Things happen when you do that. You crash into people and things. Which Lokean bravely demonstrated as he walked right into a tent. As he tumbled over and collapsed it he notice that someone was in it, and by the armor that was on the ground in front he knew that it was Moonfire.

    “s**t! Sorry Moon!” Lokean stammered as he stood up and covered his eyes. Without her armor, Moon wore not much more. It kept her agile. Even though Vergil and Lokean told her that, it might be bad if they bumped into her without her armor, like this.

    “Oh don’t worry about it Lok, and I have a robe. I don’t walk around naked.” Moonfire spoke as she whacked the back of Lokean’s head.

    “Ow. Shesh, can you be any meaner?” Lokean spoke as he rubbed the back of his head, his face in a twist of grimace.

    “I wouldn’t if you stop thinking me as a tart.” Moonfire looked over her shoulder as she spoke and grabbed some water to drink.

    “Well, how was I supposed to know you were dressed. I see your armor on the ground. Put two and two together and you get nakey Moony.” Lokean smirked as he finished his sentence in his whitty joker voice. Which rewarded him with another whack by Moonfire.

    Lokean grumbled as he rubbed his head. “I’m going to become a retard if you keep that up.”

    “Well then don’t be a pervert.” Moonfire winked at Lokean.

    “Hmph. Then maybe you should stop being such a hottie.” Lokean winked back as he ducked to miss a whack from Moonfire. He smirked and laughed as he watched her face turn to anger at missing.

    “Keep laughing. I’ll get you tonight.” Moonfire winked as she walked back to her tent and placed it back up.

    “I’ll leave my tent open. I’ll make sure I’m naked for ya too.” Lokean laughed as he turned around and found his tent on the other side of the fire.

    As Lokean shut his tent behind him and placed his armor on the side, he heard a rasp at his tent entrance. He turned to see Vergil standing there in his own robe.

    “Good work tonight Lok. Even though you did wander from your route and bumped into me. You left Moonfire exposed. If a scout party found her that you could stop..” Vergil spoke.

    “She can take care of herself Vergil. You know that. What’s really wrong mate? You don’t seem yourself lately. Like something nagging at ya.” Lokean sat down and offered a seat to Vergil as he grabbed some sake from under his table.

    “Lok, does it feel like something is coming. Something big?” Vergil sat down across from Lokean and stared at him.

    “No. Though, the Jins and Fugs. They…..seem to be acting differently.” Lokean tapped his finger on the jug of the sake.

    Vergil glared at Lokean’s fingers as he kept taping and taping. “Not just that, the elder. He seems, anxious. Like something he doesn’t want but does is coming soon, but not soon enough, and stop with the finger tapping!” Vergil glared even deeper at Lokean.

    “Fine.” Lokean drank a sip of his drink and placed the cup down. “But your right. He is anxious. All I know is, I have a bad feeling Verg. Very bad feeling. Something we don’t want is going to happen.”

    “That is what I’m scared of.” Vergil spoke as he got up and brushed himself off. “I’m off. I need to get some sleep before I make some plans for tomorrows attack on the Jinong territory.”

    “Night Vergin.” Lokean spoke as he blew out his candle and crawled to his bed.

    “Night Mask.” Vergil spoke as he walked out and towards his own tent.

    Chapter 2
    The Undeniable Pain

    Lokean stretched as he placed his sword on his hip. He began slowly walking towards the main fire for the Wolves Clan. He stood before it looking at the smoldering wood from the last night fire. He looked over to see Forte lying near the fire sprawled out with a calabash between his arms.

    Lokean walked up to Forte and kicked him in the ribs with a smirk. “Get up you drunk.”

    Forte grumbled and rolled over. “Screw you Lok. Let me sleep.”

    Lokean knelt down next to Forte. “Come on Fort. We got s**t to do. You know Verg is going to have a cow if he knows your drunk and s**t.”

    “Eh ********. Your right.” Forte rolled over again but got up this time with the calabash still in his arms.

    “It’s your own little baby.” Lokean smirked as he walked away with Forte growling and glaring at him.

    Lokean walked up the stairs towards the biggest tent. It held the meetings of the Elders and Clan leaders. Lokean wasn’t either but he still showed up just to piss the Elders off. With a dramatic throwing of the tent, opening Lokean entered and sat next to Vergil.

    “You really should stop showing up. You don’t belong here.” Vergil whispered as the Elder went through the money situation.

    “Yeah and you were loud last night as usual.” Lokean looked at Vergil through the corner of his eyes.

    “And you’re a pompous b*****d. Now shut up. If you’re here, minds to listen.” Vergil scolded as he turned his full attention back at the Elder.

    Lokean listened as he heard that money was very tight. For some reason money was disappearing without a trace. He was blaming some low life Guan scum. Course Lokean thought it might be the Elder himself. He had plenty of time. Still he had no proof so he just shut his mouth and stared on.

    “Now, we need to figure out how to attack that wall. Thanks to Wolves, it’s weak right now. The weakest it will get. As Vergil has stated its best to attack from the right since it took the most damage from the fire. We can easily get over and attack the Jins head on. Still it’s too dangerous. Therefore, Vergil has volunteered his men to attack first. They will move today at Noon. Meeting is over go to your respected tents.” The Elder turned around and walked out the back of the tent, which lead to his own personal one.

    Lokean sat there surprised. Vergil had not spoken of this last night. Which mean he had to tell the Elder this morning. Still he wouldn’t just volunteer Wolves without talking to them first. Yet here Lokean was, about to go in battle in which he just learned of.

    “Vergil. What is going on? You didn’t even talk this over!” Lokean turned around at Vergil who sat there with no emotion in his face.

    “There wasn’t time. We had no choice. We would die. All we are to do is go in kill a few squads then the rest of the army will show up and take care of the rest. Don’t tell me your scared Lok?” Vergil spoke as he got up.

    “No. I would never fear those Jins, but Verg, this is suicide. We can’t take on a whole army ourselves. YOU KNOW THAT!” Lokean yelled at him as he stood in his way. “You are going to kill us! I will not die for someone’s stupid honor and ego. I will die on my own ego and honor.”

    “Fine! Then cower while we kill Lok! We don’t need you! You’re just a cocky little b*****d!” Vergil spoke back fiercely. He then pushed Lokean out of the way and began walking towards his tent.

    “I won’t back down. Who’s going to protect your sorry a**?” Lokean spoke behind him as he walked off towards the mess tent to get some food.


    Lokean walked out of the tent his armor on and his weapon sheathed. He looked around as he saw the rest of the Wolves doing the same. Vergil entered the camp in his usual way. Cape flowing behind him and his hand over his weapon’s hilt.

    “You may think this suicide, but its not. It should be easy. It won’t take long. Lok, take Syn and Holy. Attack from the side. Flank them. I’ll take Moon and Forte and hit them head on.”

    “And if we fail?” Lokean asked as he took a step forward, challenging Vergin’s decision.

    “We won’t. Trust me Lokean.” Vergil spoke as he turned around. “We march now.” And with that, they marched off. With Lokean in tow knowing, that something bad was going to happen. He could feel a sharp pain in his chest. He hoped it wasn’t something bad, he hoped that they would not die.

    “Lok, its okay. We aren’t going to die. Those Jins won’t know what hit them.” Moon said as she slowed down to walk next to Lokean.

    “Thanks Moon. Don’t know what I would do without you.” Lokean smiled as he looked up and looked at Moon.

    “Eh you would do fine. I’m just here to support.” Moon smiled back as she wrapped an arm around Lokean’s shoulders. “Besides. You’re strong enough to take them yourself.”

    “Nah. I would need your help like always. I’m nothing without ya. And you know it.” Lokean laughed a bit as they walked down the path.

    “Get ready. We are near.” Vergil spoke behind him to the rest.

    “Well. Here we go Moon. Hope we see each other after the show. Catch a drink. Play a little strip tease.” Lokean smirked as he drew his sword silently.

    “Maybe a nice few whacks to the head would do too.” Moon smirked as she drew her blade as well.

    “Only if you whip me too.” Lokean winked as he turned around and followed Vergil. Eventually, Lokean took a different path with Syn and Holy in tow. He was to strike the Jins from the side taking them by surprise. Still as he walked closer to his destination, the sharp pain grew stronger, as if warning him to stop.

    “This…pain. It’s……” Lokean stopped as he reached the spot. He stared at the wall, waiting for Vergil’s signal. The signal that would drastically change the whole course of the war.

    Chapter 3
    Lokean’s Curtain Call

    Lokean gripped his sword’s hilt tight as he stared off into the day waiting the signal to charge. His chest tight with anticipation, the pain growing worse as if a sword was shoved through his chest, sweat pouring down his face as he moved slightly closer to get a better view.

    “You okay bro?” Holy asked as he gripped his brother’s shoulder.

    “Yeah. Just nervous that’s all. Guess I don’t want to let Vergil down.” Lokean smirked as he stared back over the day. Holy was Lokean’s little brother; joined Wolves to be with him and fight with him. He wasn’t the strongest but he was the fastest. He usually was their scout. No one, not even a Fujin, had yet to out speed him.

    “Don’t worry. You’ll be able to do it easily. Your Lokean the Mask. You killed a thousand Jins in one battle. I’m sure this is nothing but an icing on a cake.” Holy patted his brother’s shoulder, looked back at Syn, and nodded.

    A few minutes later, he could hear metal crashing together. He knew that Vergil was hitting them head on and soon that signal would be shot up. With it, Lokean would have to gather his Ki and hit as many Jins as hard as possible and fast. If he didn’t the battle would get long and hard, fast.

    There in the distance was the flare. Quickly in a flash, they leaped forward, running at top speed, rushing towards the clearing. In an instant the rushed out of the woods surrounding the Wall. Quickly Lokean gathered his Ki and blasted two Jins, one for each of his hand. They flew off crashing into others adding more to Lokean’s knockout. In a flash Lokean twirled around and slammed his fist into the face of a Jin breaking the skull bones right into the fast. Even quicker Lokean twirled around drew his sword and shoved it threw the chin to the skull of yet another Jin, but he didn’t have time to take his sword out as another Jin rushed forward his spear glinting in the sun and flying through the air at Lokean’s head. Lokean ducked, the spear cutting a few inches off his hair, and slammed his foot in the chin of the Jin and delivered five quick blows to the torso then finished with a blast of Ki, throwing the Jin back ten feet.

    Lokean ran up and quickly pulled his sword out of the skull of the now dead Jin. He looked around to see Vergil, Moon, and Forte being pushed back by a horde of Jins. It seemed to Lokean that this was harder than anyone had thought. He looked at the entrance that would leave them across the Wall and into the Jin land. He saw an army of Jin’s rushing to them. If what Vergil had said was true, then the army should arrive soon.

    With that hope in mind, Lokean quickly shot his Ki at two more Jins near Vergil to give him breathing room to push the Jins back on his end. Yet again, though Lokean did not have time to stop quickly he turned around and barely drew his blade in time to parry a blow from another spear wielding Jin. Lokean twirled around his foot trailing behind him, and connected his trailing foot right to the temple of the Jin. Instantly the Jin fell to the ground dead.

    “Holy! Get back! Assist Vergil’s squad!” Lokean yelled out as he thrust his sword into a Jin’s torso.

    “Right!” Holy yelled back as he quickly ran off jumping in the air and slamming his fist into the skull of a Jin. With that done, he ran off again this time towards Vergil, Moon, and Forte.

    “Syn! Back down! You’re too far! Go support Holy! I can hold these ******** off!” Lokean yelled as he roared a battle cry so fiercely it shook the bones of the Jin. Their charge faltered for a second which gave Lokean a quick second and an opening he needed. As Syn ran off to support Holy, Lokean charged forward his sword only a glint in the sunlight. Faster then a life of a gust of wind, the Jins fell as Lokean twirled about slashing his sword about. Finally, a Jin with a Sword of his own parried Lokean and knocked his sword back, and in a quick flash thrusted his sword into Lokean’s chest.

    Just as Lokean felt the pain, the pain he had felt before the battle, he heard the scream of Moon as she rushed forward and sliced the Jin’s head off. She turned around and picked Lokean up as she ran off leaving Vergil and the rest to hold the army off.

    “God damn it Lok! Don’t you ******** die on me!” Moon screamed as she placed Lokean on the ground gently. She quickly took out the sword that was still in Lokean’s chest. The blood jetted out as Lokean turned pale.

    “Protect Holy Moon. You got to. He isn’t safe on his own. I’m already dead. You know that as well as I do.” Lokean spoke softly as he felt cold and heavy.

    “Like hell you are. I’m not letting you leave me here. God who is going to make jokes with me. Who am I going to whack? You’re going to be fine Lok.” Moon spoke as she smiled and tears began to fall. “Just hang in there Lok, everything is fine. I promise you.”

    “Ahh. The sweet voice of Moon. You know….I think….if…I saw you….nak..” Lokean never finished his sentence as his eyes closed and Moon began crying harder. Holy, Lokean’s brother, stood behind Moon. He had come to see Lokean. He had now seen his brother’s death. The brother he thought invincible.