• Tyler Woods' Journal Entry #18
    March 28, 2010

    tab "This wasn't part of the deal we was havin'!" Jacob's firm plea echoed in room.
    tab "And what deal are you referring to?" Dr. Doc asked, still not moving the gun.
    tab "I din't wan' Stacy ta' die. Jus'...wanted ta' get revenge on Tyler." Dr. Doc cocked his head to the side in mock curiosity.
    tab "Is that right?"
    tab "Yeah!"
    tab "Well, you better hope Tyler makes the right choice here." He went on, staring at me dead in the eye,
    tab "Her life's in your hands now, Tyler. What are you going to do?" The choice was easy for me. Just one glance at her trembling hands, her sweaty face, her unspeakable expression of fear...
    tab "What is it you want me to do?" I asked.
    tab "Tell me where you hid Mr. Woods' body."
    tab "What's he talking about, Tyler?" Stacy asked eagerly. I thought about the consequences, if I did tell him.
    tab "Why do you need to know?" I said this with eyes staring into the carpet. As if that would make things less awkward.
    tab "I really don't think it's a good idea to ask questions now. Because, you know..." He lowered the gun, and with out warning, shot Stacy's feet. Stacy collapsed to the ground, breathing hard and digging her fingers into the carpet, tears making large splotches on the carpet. Dr. Doc turned to me, his smile gone.
    tab "Next one's going to the head, Tyler. Now stop stalling, and tell me where you put his damn body!"
    tab "All right...ok..." I said, breathing hard myself. "He's in my room...inside my closet." His smile came back, as he said pleasantly to the other Dr. Doc,
    tab "See? Some people are cooperative. Just have to give them a little...pressure." He loosened his grip on the gun, beginning to walk off as he added,
    tab "You two watch them. Make sure they don't get into any...trouble." I rushed to my knees next to Stacy, and coaxed,
    tab "It'll be all right...It'll be all right..."
    tab "Ha..." I raised my eyebrows with question.
    tab "What's so funny?"
    tab "You. You're being...emtional."
    tab "And what's funny about that?"
    tab "When I first met you...you were so...serious...and blunt. That's...what I'd expect a robot...to be like." Before things got too awkward, the other Dr. Doc stared at me and said coldly,
    tab "You shouldn't have told him."
    tab "And why should you care?"
    tab "For the same reason you should've. It would've been the right thing to do."
    tab "And let Stacy die?!" He opened his mouth, but words came out when jacob finally kneeled next to me, just saying to Stacy over and over again with tears streaming down his face, "I'm so sorry...I'm so sorry...I'm sorry..." Stacy looked away, tryinh not to meet with his eyes.
    tab Jacob looked up with me, his face now glistening with tears, and then shouted,
    tab "You! This all yo' fault! Hadn't been for you, then...then none of this would've happened!" I didn't say anything. I didn't say anything, because he was telling the truth.
    tab "Yeah, and thaz right!" he proclaimed, getting up. "I waza gonna break yo' face. Now, I ain't one to be breakin' promises, so..." Before he got to close, the less talkative Dr. Doc clamped his hand on his shoulder, and just said the simple word,
    tab "Stop."
    tab "Yes, I agree. Let's solve this like civilized men." The voice of the first Dr. Doc was the last I wanted to hear at the moment.
    tab "Oh, yeah," I came back. "Coming from you, I wonder just how civilized it will be."
    tab "Depends on your perspective," he responded. "Like a 'civilized person', I called the police on you."
    tab "What?! What'd I do?" He laughed, and slapped his face out of the sheer stupidity of what I said.
    tab "You've already forgotten? Remember your little 'incident' with Mr. Woods?" I looked back to the ground. How could I possibly forget?
    tab "You--you told me I had a bomb inside me. I didn't have a choice."
    tab "An obvious lie. So obvious, indeed. How could I have possibly put the bomb inside you? Even if I did create you--which I didn't, by the way--for what reason would I put a bomb in my own creation?" I cursed myself, then, for even believing that.
    tab "But--but...He was going to kill me!" I exclaimed, now desperately trying to excuse my inexcusable murder.
    tab "Hmph. Was he?" With those words, he motioned the two others to follow him.
    tab "Come on. Leave these two luv duvs to themselves."
    tab "'Luve duvs...'" Jacob muttered, and then left.
    tab I turned to Stacy, still bleeding on the floor. Before I could say anything, she reached into her back pack and took out something.
    tab A diary.
    tab "I don't know...what's going on...or what you've done. But I think..." She pushed the diary into my hands. "I think you should have this."
    tab "You're giving me...You're giving me this?"
    tab "Whatever happens," she went on, not really answering the question, "I need you to bring Jacob...back. Promise me. Promise me...you will. I think...I think you're the only one capable of it." I didn't know why she wanted to bring Jacob "back", after what he did, or why she thought I should be the one to do it, of all people, but I couldn't just decline.
    tab "I promise. I will." And as I watched her go by in the ambulance, I sat down outside, and cracked open the diary, waiting before the police finally found me.
    tab "Just one simple glance at Tyler Woods wouldn't tell you how different he really was..." I began reading to myself.