• Chapter one
    Orai Amaterasu

    Hunched on the corner of the dusty, dirt road, she kept to the shadows as she stuck her frame to the stall. Her clothes were light, airy, leaving her plenty of fighting space. Her white hair was caked with dirt from the trip over to the little village in Ikonui, the vast country to the far East. She extended out her hand untill she touched a small pouch, which was heavy, filled to the cord with food. She slowly unhooked it, not making a sound. Her breathing was quiet and slow; she never made a sound. Her grey eyes sparkled slightly when she had it in her grasp. She tied the cord to her wrist, so it would not fall as she fled.
    I should probably explain ow this teenager attracts attention. Her eyes are grey, a rare color, even in the animal world, her hair white like snow and short to her shoulders. Yellow swirls went from her left temple to parallel of the left corner of her mouth. Her shirt was a dark yellow with red borders, showing both her arms to the shoulders. A string tied the front together, and red swirls decorated her upper forearm on her left. She had dark yellow and red gloves on both hands, that extended to her elbows. They left her fingers exposed. Her pants were dark green with red borders, extending to halfway down her calf. A red marking adorned a small area of her ankle, and she was barefoot. A aqua upside down teardrop gem was tied on a loose string around her neck.
    Slowly, still not making any sound to detect the salesman of her presence, she retreated t the forest before dashing as fast as she could. In the distance her thievery caused a rumble, the salesman yelled out.
    "Thief! Thief!" He repeated over and over, his face red from lack of air and anger. "She stole my bag of goods!"
    Immediately she heard and felt the thud of feet behind her, the Imperial Army's two village gatekeepers after her. The Fifteen year old thief was well known across the country. For being silent as well as deadly, the White Fang.
    But that was only her stage name; given to her by frightful hearts. She had a name, given to her by her pack. Amaterasu, Orai Amaterasu.
    The five foot two teenager sped up as the guards came in faster, riding their horses. Now, not many can outrun a horse; frankly, it is quite impossible. But she had enough speed in her to make it to the river and dive right in to the other side - keeping the food bag dry, of course. Though safe on the other bank, she ran on untill she knew they would not spot her - the horses they rode on stamped their front hoofs angrily.
    She stopped running after a while, her breath now loud and short. She took a sharp left after a while, picking her way through the bushes.
    "Hey, everyone; I'm back." She whispered, for fear of waking one of them up who did not want to be woken.
    She crouched to the balls of her feet, peering into the darkness her eyes were acustomed to. She set the bag down and opened the coarse string.
    These days, in the year 791 A.D., food was harder to find, since the merchants asked a hard price. She has had to resort to thievery to feeding the pack when they couldn't catch a kill.
    Three small furry bodies came to her, yipping quietly. It brought a smile to her dirty face, and she gave enough to fill each of the young Wolves stomachs. the adult Wolves came towards her, wagging their tails.
    "I feel at home with you guys," she stated, giving each one enough to support their stomachs. "and I don't know why."
    One of the Wolves settled beside her, curling up beside her as he fell to sleep. His coat was grey and white, the gentle one of the pack. He wasn't much of a fighter, she knew. His name was Fridolf, the peaceful Wolf.
    There were not many in the small pack; an Alpha male, Goldenwind. He had bright golden eyes, and his coat was black from head to tail. He had grace and power in every stride. The Alpha female, Frost, was light grey with black lines along her body. Her eyes were amber, and she held grace.
    Moonraiser, the second strongest, after the Alpha male, had a haunting but glorious howl. His eyes held each their own, his pure black pelt running smoothly down his body without a hitch.
    Foxpelt was one of the newborn cubs. Her fur was almost an orange, though it held a black, showing midnight fire in the otherwise very timid wolf. Her eyes were an amber fire.
    Frostpool was the second newborn, a fiesty one. Her stride was strong and prideful, she loved to fight. She had a black and grey coat, with golden eyes.
    WolfFang was the last newborn, he was quiet but fought as a pack leader would. His golden-amber eyes were soft, though his red and black coat showed the other side.
    Each of them one by one curled around Amaterasu, falling to sleep as they kept her warm.
    "My Nakama. A family to me." She whispered, looking at each of them with a smile. She understood their words, their language. Frankly, any animal within ten miles she could understand. She had a great sense of hearing. She curled up into a ball, surrounded by her family, as she drifted into a sleep. Dreaming of nothing.

    The white wolf opened her eyes, the grey in her eyes still lulled with sleep. The morning sun shone in fron outside the cave where the pack resided during the summer. She stretched herself out a little, letting her sore leg muscles kick back to life.
    She shook out her white coat. She was no regular wolf.
    She had black markings going along the length of her eyes, with a straight black line going from her nose up her head to the base of her tail. A black swirl like a rolling wave was along her sides, her tail had black swirls that moved, even when it was still. Her paws had those same black swirls at the heels, and at the base of the legs was another of the same black swirls. She was a graceful creature, adopted into her pack.
    "Did you have that dream again?" Fridolf asked her. She cast her eyes about, noticing that everyone was awake.
    "Yes." Replied Orai Amaterasu. "I dreamt I was a human again, but they're so real, Fridolf. It's weird." She shoved it from her mind.
    "Has everyone been up long?" She asked, sitting on her haunches. Foxpelt trotted up to her, wagging her tail. Orai wagged her tail in response.
    "No, we were all waiting for you to come to so we could go on the hunt today." Moonraiser told her, stretching out.
    Goldenwind started out, followed by Moonraiser, then Orai. They were only three to hunt, as always, since they left one Male back to protect the Aplha female and the cubs. The only reason Amaterasu was allowed to come was because she had the best nose for sniffing things out, though she didn't do the chase. She "stood back" and let them take care of it, given that she couldn't bring herself to kill one. She rather that someone else kill it, or if not, she'd eat grass or the sorts.
    As proclaimed, the rare white wolf let them enjoy the chase, which was near the village that had been the victim of White Fang. She crouched on the edge of that said forest, looking into the village. There was an uprising.
    "Thief! Thief!" The merchant yelled. "Did you catch that thief yesterday?"
    "No, sir." The guards said, shaking their heads. Orai looked intently, creeping closer for a better view. she would always watch the villagers while the Males chased their prey.
    A bag full of food to it's string was nearby her, but for the moment she left it. The drama in the village was very entertaining to her.
    "Curse the White Fang!" He exclaimed. "All we know about her is her freaking hair color! We don't even have a name!"
    A domestic animal near the merchants' shop that Orai was near started growling in her direction, his hackles raised and teeth bared. She tensed in response, watching the merchant go to his dog. She sank into the shadows.
    "What is it, boy? You see something?" He asked.
    He barked twice at her. In immediate response she growled in return, her carniverous teeth exposed. All nearby villagers turned to her attention, gasping.
    "It's a wolf!" They screeched - the females, really - and ran off. The Imperial Army soldiers came towards her, their spears at the ready.
    "What do you want?" She asked the dog. "I am merely here to watch."
    Of course, the humans could not understand them, only thinking she was further perplexing the hound.
    "Get off my property." He growled.
    "I have come here everyday, mutt." She spat back with just as much venom. "I answer to no one."
    "You are a Lone Wolf." He sneered. "You've been adopted into a pack, not born into it."
    She lunged at the dog, her teeth for his neck. The humans stepped back, fearing the snarling Wolf.
    When the dog jumped back she growled.
    "I am no Lone Wolf. I belong to the Shadow Clan."
    "You are no Wolf, you smell of humans."
    It was a mighty battle of teeth and fangs, claws and fur. A Lone Wolf versus a domestic dog. Drops of blood flew down to Earth as they each landed blows, both harmful and not. The humans let them have space, the soldiers frozen in place. Wolves were not vicious by nature, unless perplexed or intimidated. Dogs were a different matter. Even if their build resembled, their natures diffrientated like water and vineger.
    Orai backed up a few paces, nearing the shadows. She had no visible wounds, but she was exhausted as the Lone Wolf remembered a piece of a past long forgotten.
    "Do not forget with whom you have fought, dog. The name is Orai Amaterasu, do not forget it." She said with venom leaking out of every syllable. She turned around, grabbing the coarse bag of food in her muzzle as she ran into the forest once more.
    "Thief!" The merchant yelled. Orai stood atop a small hill by then, and she lay the bag down long enough to howl a small reply.
    Like anyone cares. Her haunting howl echoed through the village into the ears of animal, human and beast alike. It traveled all those miles to where her pack awaited, further untill the eerie and Lone howl echoed to a stop.
    Orai Amaterasu made her way back to her Clan, the bag in her muzzle.