• There he was. My pulse quickened and I caught my breath at the sight of him. Oh how I loved him. He barely knew who I was, if at all, but I knew him. I have known him since the day, no, the second he was born. I shielded him from danger, and protected him as he grew. I am his guardian angel.
    I never realized my feelings for him. Not till now. The year we both began the 9th grade. He has never quite noticed me in human form. Nor has he quite sensed my presence in my true form. I am grateful that he does not have to see me in my angel form.
    Contrary to human beliefs, us guardian angels are not beautiful, as are normal angels. We are dark and belong the the shadows. But we are pure, and will protect our human at all costs. My name is Lisidia. I protect the human known as Nick Reno, though he is called Ren by most. He is tall, with black hair and blue eyes, a combination I do not see very often. I too have black hair, though I have green eyes. My hair, unlike his, is a very dark shade of black. It is black as night, and shines unusually brightly. It tends to make the other girls jealous as they are unable to make their own hair shine so. I am of average height, and have pale skin. I have also been told that I have a nice physique.
    Guardian angels are assigned by Aleras, who commands us. The female gaurdians, such as myself, are given to a male human while the males are given to females. We are required to watch over them 24/7 and are given the choice of either staying an angel the entire life of the human, or switching between human and angel forms. Most choose the latter, but there are quite a few who do not. I am one of the shifters, as we like to say. It is much more satisfying.
    We are immortal beings when we are in angel form. However, if you are a shifter, it is possible for you to be killed. Those who have died do come back to us, but it is after a 10 year period. There are those who come back sooner though. Legend has it that if you reveal yourself to your human (in angel form of course) and they fall deeply enough in love with you, they can save you from the clutches of death. Unfortunately, the last known time this happened was over 500 years ago, and the survivor is no where to be found.
    I wish Ren would fall for me. I watched him as he strolled past me, chatting with his many friends. Suddenly, he turned, and our eyes met. I thought I saw a small flicker of recognition in his eyes, but it disappeared as his girlfriend skipped over to him and threw herself in his arms. She swept her long brown hair back and kissed him. He responded enthusiastically, actually lifting her from the ground. I turned away, disgusted and strode away as a teacher ran past shouting at them. I heard them laugh as they continued walking. I wish I could've been in her place.