• Sky led them all the way back to the cave and sat down in her nest, and faced Night and Melody.
    "Let's go Melody I don't think this place is safe for you."
    Sky growled.
    "For MELODY! Is that the only person your protecting here!! You deer-brain!!"
    Sky shot up but before she could lounge at Night, Melody jumped in between.
    "Maybe it is!! Why would you care!!"
    Night growled from behind Melody.
    Sky howled back at him.
    "Now Sky stop your.."
    Melody tried to break up the fight but Sky interrupted.
    "JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!! I'm leaving this place!!"
    Sky darted out of her cave and ran. She ran until she saw the end of the forest. She skidded to a halt at the beginning of the long two-paw monster path.
    I don't need them.
    She thought, and let out a snuff. She waited till the monsters calmed down before she bolted to the other side of the path. She looked back, and let out a sigh.
    Maybe i'll just find my 'perfect one' like Melody said, and I'll be ok.
    Sky thought. She traveled far, and wide until the sun started to set. She yawned, and found the perfect moss bedding under a thick tree, and layed down in it. It felt as if it was already made for her from another animal. She snapped her head up, and looked around. She sighed, and curled up.
    Sky howled as she heard the snap of a twig. She shot straight up, and growled, looking around.
    "It's ok Sky it's only me, Melody."
    Sky took a deep breath in, and then exhaled.
    "What Melody?"
    She asked. Melody appeared from the bushes, and padded up to Sky.
    "Night didn't mean what he said. He just doesn't know you is all. Please come back."
    She barked. Sky looked into her glowing eyes.
    "I'm sorry Melody....But I must keep going....For there is a road I am bound to follow."
    Sky replied.
    "Unless your willing to come, then I shall take you with me."
    She added. Melody cheered up.
    "What about Night?"
    Melody asked. Sky sighed.
    "Yea yea yea he can come."
    Melody smiled.
    Night came out of the bushes. Sky growled but not at Night.
    "Were you guys stalking me!?"
    Melody kneaded the ground with her front paws. Sky sighed again.
    She curled up again, and closed her eyes.
    "Look...Sky....I'm sorry about before...I don't quite now you all that well...and well...Since those wolves went after you I didn't want Melody to be harmed....Please...Forgive me."
    Sky looked up at him, and looked into his eyes. He returned the gaze.
    "Yea sure, now get some rest."
    Sky barked, and rested her head down again, and closed her eyes. Melody lay down next to Sky. Sky grunted a little but stayed still knowing how tired she was. She heard Night curl up next to Melody. Sky sighed one last time before she finally fell asleep.